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My Writings

William Blake in the Universe of Knowledge: Philosophy, Genres, & Critical Method

Blake & Ginsberg & Then & Now

"William Blake and Quantum Mechanics—NOT! Blakes for Our Time?"

William Blake's "The Smile": Commentary by Ralph Dumain

"Little Lamb, God Bless Thee!": Experiencing Blake's Lamb

Notes for Discussion of William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience (27 April 2005)

William Blake’s Manuscript Lyrics: Discussion in Commemoration of Blake’s 250th Birthday (28 November 1757 - 12 August 1827), November 2007

Blake and Feuerbach: An Odd Couple? by R. Dumain

"Pro Mia Venta Furioz’" [I feard the fury of my wind] Esperanto translation

"La Birdoj" [The Birds] Esperanto translation

E.P. Thompson on William Blake & Intellectual Traditions

Why E.P. Thompson is My Hero (E.P. Thompson's Universe of Knowledge) [rough draft]

Christopher Hampton’s Radical Blake

Dead Man’, A Film by Jim Jarmusch: Running Commentary 15 April 1997 - 30 June 1997

Dead Man, Dead Criticism

Ishmael Reed, William Blake, and the '60s According to Shamoon Zamir

Olga Tokarczuk�s Blake (review of Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead)

Upon the First Snow-Storm of the Season: Blake & Coltrane in Esperanto (original poem with English translation)

Cryptogram (for William Blake) (poem)

Love and Intellect II: For Blake, Against Nietzsche: Outline of Program

Love and Intellect II: For Blake, Against Nietzsche: Sources for Program

Literary Works About, Influenced or Inspired by Blake

Oh, William Blake! by Edgar Lee Masters (under pseudonym “Webster Ford”)

Blow, Blow ... by A. L. Morton

�One Law for the Lion and the Ox��� by A. L. Morton

"The Poet explains the Situation to Los and Elza-Enitharmon" by Jack Lindsay

"Request for Help" (to William Blake) by Jack Lindsay

A Garland for Jack Lindsay. See "Dancing Albion: 1780," by Charles Hobday, p. 7; "Blake: Deudraeth Forest (In honour of old obstinate Jack)," by Arnold Rattenbury, pp. 10-11.

Premières vues anciennes (William Blake et al) par Paul Eluard, dans Donner a voir (1939)

Quotes on Blake

Maurice Cornforth on William Blake vs. the Fetishism of Language

Maurice Cornforth on William Blake on imagination vs. the fetish of facts

Maurice Cornforth on William Blake, Marx, & Machines

M. Szenczi on Imagination & Nature according to Coleridge, Wordsworth, Blake, Bacon, & Kant [Hungarian author]

Soviet futurology & William Blake from Mankind and the Year 2000 by V. Kosolapov

Miscellaneous Blakeiana

William Blake, Big League Poet by Mikhail Horowitz

Kie estas via frato, Habel?” [Where is your brother Abel?] de Vinko Oŝlak: William Blake, The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve’, circa 1826, London, Tate Gallery

Blake Excerpts

William Blake's Birthday Commemoration: Innocence Must Be Organized!
(28 November 1757 - 12 August 1827)

William Blake on love & intellect

William Blake on Mechanical Talents

William Blake on Intellectual Conceit & Inflated Reputations

William Blake on the Dialectical Moment of Renewal

William Blake on Individuals and States

William Blake on Fixing Error

The Everlasting Gospel (variant)

William Blake Works for the Future

I Asked a Thief . . .” with embellishments by haro, Lilliput, vol. 18, no. 4, issue no. 106, April 1946, p. 333. (Entire poem, illus.)

Blake in Esperanto

William Blake en/in Esperanto (bibliography & web guide)

A World in a Grain of Sand [Mondo en Sablero] de Roberto Passos Nogueira

"La Sekreto de Amo" [Never seek to tell thy love] trad. Clarence Bicknell

"Ne Pridiru al l’Amata" [Never pain to tell my love], trad. A.D. Foote

"La Ĝardeno de l’Amo" [The Garden of Love], trad. A.D. Foote

"La Malsana Rozo" [The Sick Rose], tradukoj de A. D. Foote, Meva Maron, Jens S. Larsen

El "Aŭguroj pri Senkulpeco" [from “Auguries of Innocence”] , tradukoj de William Auld, Tom Fraser, Farnsworth Wright, Aldo de’Giorgi, Meva Maron

"Amikon mian mi koleris" [A Poison Tree], trad. William Auld

"Londono" [London], trad. William Auld

"Jen la Respondo" [The Question Answer'd], trad. William Auld

"Gvidilo tra la Angla Poezio" de William Auld

Pri Ne-Verkita Poemo (kun citaĵoj el William Blake -blejk-) de Kris Long

Kie estas via frato, Habel?”de Vinko Oŝlak: William Blake, La korpo de Habelo trovita de Adamo kaj Evo, 1826

"La Birdoj" [The Birds] trad. R. Dumain

"Pro Mia Venta Furioz’" [I feard the fury of my wind] trad. R. Dumain

“Plenas via pelv’ da semo” [Thou hast a lap full of seed] trad. R. Dumain

Moto por la Kanzonoj de Naivo kaj de Sperto” [Motto to the Songs of Innocence & of Experience], trad. R. Dumain

William Blake: 3 Esperanto translations by Ralph Dumain (breakdown & links to texts & audio files)

William Auld: Letero al R. Dumain, 1987.01.26 (transskribo)

William Auld: Letero al R. Dumain, 1987.01.26 (bildo de la originala)

William Blake 250-jara: Kulturpolitiko kaj la Monda Disvastigo de Beletro de R. Dumain

Blake(-Related) Criticism

Blake and Ideology” by Edward Larrissy

Ebenezer Jones, 1820-1860 � An English Symbolist” by Jack Lindsay

A. L. Morton�Portrait of a Marxist Historian” by Maurice Cornforth

The Everlasting Gospel: A Study in the Sources of William Blake by A. L. Morton

"The Mental Traveller" by Arnold Kettle

William Blake and the Language of Adam by Robert N. Essick
     Introduction & Afterword
     William Blake vs Rationalist Linguistics (Excerpt)

Fantasy and Reason: Children's Literature in the Eighteenth Century by Geoffrey Summerfield
     Introduction (extract) + Chapter 1
     Chapter 7: "Apotheosis of the Chap-Book"

Carlyle and the Idea of the Modern: Studies in Carlyle’s Prophetic Literature and Its Relation to Blake, Nietzsche, Marx, and Others by Albert J. LaValley

Blake & His Contemporaries

Immanuel Kant in England, 1793-1838: Henry James Richter by René Wellek


Audience/Reading Public, Professionalization/Specialization of Writers, Literary Forms, Division of Labor

Comparative Studies of William Blake & Other Modern Writers & Thinkers: A Bibliography for a Study in Ideology

William Blake—Social and Political Aspects: Bibliography Based on the Collection of Ralph Dumain (30 July 1997)

William Blake & the Jews: The Bibliography (sans annotations)

William Blake & the Jews: An Annotated Bibliography

William Blake’s 250th Birthday

William Blake en Esperanto

Percy Bysshe Shelley Study Guide

English & German Romanticism & Philosophy: A Bibliography

Philosophy, Child-Rearing, Education, & Children's Literature in the British Enlightenment: Selected Bibliography

On Other Sites

The Archives of Victorian Literary Studies: Concordances (Hyper-Concordance)

The Archives of Victorian Literary Studies: Concordances - William Blake

Blake Digital Text Project [now at Arizona State University Libraries]

The William Blake Archive

The Complete Poetry & Prose of William Blake

Sites Related to the William Blake Archive

The Poetical Works of William Blake

Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly

Archive of issues 5 years old & older

The Reception of Blake in Hungary” by Agnes Peter (vol. 34, no. 3, Winter 2000/01, pp. 68-81)

The Blake Society

Friends of William Blake

Tate Learning | Schools Online | Resources for William Blake

Reading William Blake (Dr. Andrew Lincoln, syllabus & bibliography 2006-2007)

LiteraryHistory.com: Blake bibliography with links

William Blake on the Web (last updated 6/9/2005)

Blake's Reading (James Rovira)

Blake’s Notebook (British Library Online Gallery)

William Blake and 18th-century children’s literature (Julian Walker, British Library, 15 May 2014)

William Blake's Proverbs

Biblical Art on the WWW
     BLAKE, William (British, 1757-1827)
     Blake, William (British, 1757-1827), After
     Blake, William (British, 1757-1827), Attributed to

An Emergency Online Glossary of Terms, Names, and Concepts in Blake by Alexander S. Gourlay

Diary, Reminiscences, and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson (1898 ed.)

An Island in the Moon (adapted for the stage by Joseph Visconti)

John Cowper Powys and William Blake by Michael Grenfell

Romanticism On the Net

Romantic Circles

Articles from the scholarly journal Studies in Romanticism 2000-2005 via "Access My Library"

NASSR - North American Society for the Study of Romanticism

William Blake (blog)

Songs of William Blake (Kevin Hutchings)

William Blake Archives - The Allen Ginsberg Project

Michael Horovitz: William Blake Klezmatrix (video)


The Blake List Home Page (1995-1999)

William Blake - Biography and Works (The Literature Network)

WmBlake: William Blake (Yahoo online discussion group)

Blake in Hungary

The Reception of Blake in Hungary” by Agnes Peter

William Blake (1928) by Antal Szerb, in Reflections in the Library: Selected Literary Essays 1926-1944 (Legenda, 2016) [English translation]

 William Blake. Szeged, 1928. 24 pp. Also William Blake (Paris-Budapest, 1927). [Hungarian original. 1st Hungarian critical assessment, when no Hungarian translations of Blake existed]

“Four Mighty Ones Are in Every Man”: The Development of the Fourfold in Blake by Dóra Janzer Csikós (Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 2003) [link defunct]

Blake, William oldala, Angol Muvek fordításai Magyar nyelvre [William Blake in Hungarian translation]

Blake, William: London (London Magyar nyelven), translated by Radnóti Miklós

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