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by Ralph Dumain

(Librarian-Archivist-Information Specialist

Are you an autodidact, a self-educated person?

Did you learn most of what matters to you on your own, even if you went to college?

Are you a disgruntled student, teacher, or professor, dissatisfied with the knowledge industry and the bureaucratization of intellect?

Are you concerned about the role of the intellect not just as a form of specialized professionalism but as equipment for living?

Are you interested in the intellectual life of society as a whole, in its informal and extra-institutional aspects as much as in its formal institutions?

Do you strive to make yourself and people around you more conscious and critical thinkers?

How do you locate yourself in the universe of knowledge?

If any of these questions strike a chord in you, you too may wish to benefit from the Autodidact Project.

“Nature has no outline but imagination has.”
— William Blake

Note: Inclusion of material by other authors on this web site for purposes of study, research, and documentation does not imply endorsement of their viewpoints on the part of the site owner.

Some of my own writings may no longer reflect my current viewpoint.

Dates: Written out, usually in European format, e.g. 5 October 2019; numerically, United States format, e.g. 10/5/19.

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