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Meta-search engine for book hunters, great for used and rare books

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Upload & download free books & other documents

Persée : Portail de revues en sciences humaines et sociales
Fench-based site, includes English-language with other downloadable articles

FullBooks.com - Thousands of Full-Text Free Books

Books: Reading, Reviewing, Trading

"Catalog your books online"

goodreads (has absorbed Shelfari)
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Independent Scholars, Writers, Self-Education

Autodidacticism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Category:Autodidacts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

National Coalition of Independent Scholars
US umbrella organization for independent scholars, includes extensive resources for writers

Autodidactic Press
Publications and information on lifelong learning, autodidaxy, credentialing

Technophilia: Get a free college education online (lifehacker)

Dead links:

Study Circles, History, Resources for Education

Something Has Gone Very Wrong: James Louwen's Lies My Teacher Told Me

Disciplined Minds Web Site
Jeff Schmidt:
"A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-Battering System That Shapes Their Lives"

AXE - Special Collections - E. Haldeman-Julius (Leonard H. Axe Library, Pittsburg State University, Kansas) Note links.

The Bill French Center
An information center for the documentation of bookseller Bill French and the University Place Bookshop, sponsored by The C.L.R. James Institute

Cultural Logic. Special Issue: Marxism and Education (vol. 4, no. 1, 2001)

Study Circles Resource Center (defunct)
Helping communities organize study circles to encourage democratic participation in acting on the issues of the day

The Galilean Library (defunct)
Community-driven learning resource

History of Literacy web site (defunct)

Critical Thinking
(Information also on
Washington Philosophy Circle links page,
but see comprehensive web page
Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking: A Guide)

Critical Thinking On The Web (Tim van Gelder)

Foundation for Critical Thinking

The Reasoning Page

Resources for Independent Thinking

PACTISS.org - Philosophers and Critical Thinkers in Senior Schools

How to Think and Evaluate Information: A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking by Greg R. Haskins (2006)

Butterflies and Wheels: Fighting Fashionable Nonsense


Alan Sokal Archive of the "Social Text Affair"

Informal Logic (Journal). Reasoning and Argumentation in Theory and Practice.
New URL and old URL inactive.
See archive.org for 2017, #4; journal archive to 2017, #1.

(See also Washington Philosophy Circle links page for broader range of links)

The Value of Knowledge: A Miniature Library of Philosophy
Andy Blunden's unique guide to the development of modern philosophy and its relation to society and the sciences

Dictionary of the History of Ideas
An important reference source, now online

Encyclopedia of Self-Knowledge
Thematically organized, includes famed writers and philosophers of western civilization

Society for Philosophical Inquiry
Philosophy for the masses, featuring Socrates Cafes and Philosophers Clubs

Bernard Roy & Café Philo
Philosophy for the Masses, a growing international movement

Philos Philosophy Cafes: in brief
The Café Philo movement, in English

Philos: Cafés Philo
The French Cafés Philo movement, in French, with links to Cafés Philo in various countries

Philosophy Now: A Magazine of Ideas
Philosophy for the masses, with calendars of events internationally

TPM Online: The Philosophers' Magazine on the Net
Philosophy for the masses, also from the UK, with articles, events, discussions, links

Hermenaut: independent philosophical zine

Philosophy for All
Philosophy for the masses, a British organization

Philosophical Humor site (David Chalmers)

Les philosophes n'ont fait qu'interpréter le monde... [in French]

Unusual Scholarship

Maledicta: The International Journal of Verbal Aggression

Reinhold Aman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Best of Maledicta, edited by Reinhold Aman

The University of Openess (UoWiki) [defunct]

Improbable research [defunct]



Black Freethinkers & Other Intellectuals

African Americans for Humanism
The world's first organization for African-American freethinkers and secular humanists and their supporters

The Infidel Guy

Famous Black Freethinkers Page

The Richard Wright Connection (The C.L.R. James Institute)

Richard Wright--Richard Hancuff's Page

The C.L.R. James Institute

The Hubert Harrison Center
The C.L.R. James Institute presents an information center for publications and activities relating to West Indian-American "father of Harlem radicalism" Hubert Henry Harrison: autodidact, soapbox orator, militant atheist, literary critic, political organizer, also termed the "Black Socrates".

Lucy Parsons, black American anarchist. See entry in Freethinkers in Texas (Word file), which mentions atheism. See also biography on the IWW site.

Anthony Braxton and the Tri-Centric Foundation

Alternative Press & Librarianship

New Pages
"News, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary periodicals, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more."

Alternative Press Center

Sanford Berman Website
Former Head Cataloger for the Hennepin County Library (HCL) system, Minnesota; pioneer of alternative cataloging progressive librarianship

The Distributed Library Project

Automatic Translation

Google Translate

Babel Fish Translation

Covers an uncustomary assortment of languages, including Esperanto

Miscellaneous Sites of Interest

Reviewing & rating bloggers


ZineWiki - the history and culture of zines, independent media and the small press

Mental Floss Magazine

The Marginalian (formerly Brain pickings) by Maria Popova

Exotica, Curiosa, Crankery, Hoaxes, Cultural & Intellectual Arcana: Selected Web Guide & Bibliography

Pulp Magazines

The Pulp Magazines Project

Galactic Central

Sources on Topics Covered on this Site

Introduction and guide to the world of Esperanto, the "international language", also a favorite of autodidacts since 1887

The Revolutionary Pleasure of Thinking for Yourself

Samuel R. Delaney Information

Samuel R. Delaney as a semi-precious stone

QBR: The Black Book Review

Blake Digital Text Project

Papers of Jack Lindsay (1900-1990) (MS 7168, National Library of Australia)

The Albert Einstein Archives

Einstein Archives Online

Bakunin Archives

Bakunin's God and the State

Marxist Educational Press / Nature, Society, and Thought

"Groto", a philosophical tale, in the Esperanto original

Ateismo: Bulteno de Ateista Tutmonda Esperanto-Organizo

American Visionary Art Museum

The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA)

National Yiddish Book Center

Playing With Technology in History conference, April 29-30, 2010, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

Other Site Work by Ralph Dumain

The C.L.R. James Institute

Esperanto section (not administered by me), the Marxists Internet Archive

Esperanto section, Reform-Islam: Bonvenon al Reform-Islamo
(but see other people's translations at Novajxoj Maldekstraj Sxuaj)

E-mail/Internet Discussion Groups & Social Media


Marxist Philosophy (28 October 2019 - )

Washington Philosophy Circle (28 October 2019 - )

Yahoo groups are shut down as of 28 October 2019

Washington Philosophy Circle

Marxist Philosophy Yahoo Discussion List

Black Freethought discussion group (created 2009.02.06) on "Atheist Nexus" networking site

Ralph Dumain @ Ipernity (Esperanto)

Writings & Audiovisual Material by Ralph Dumain on Other Sites

Reason & Society Blog (on Blogger)

Ĝirafo (on Blogger) Esperanto-blogo

See my book reviews on amazon.com (beginning 19 August 2005).

Review of Zsolt Czigányik, Utopia Between East and West in Hungarian Literature, Hungarian Cultural Studies, Volume 16 (2023)

Intellect as Equipment: Interview with Ralph Dumain, National Museum of Language, July 28, 2016

Martin Gardner Testimonials: Testimonial 55: Ralph Dumain

Homage to Rod Serling, a Great American” (21 March 2012)

Secularism, science and the Right” [Review: Meera Nanda, The Wrongs of the Religious Right: Reflections on Science, Secularism and Hindutva] (02-15 December 2006)

Letter: Trotskyism and Esperanto, Revolutionary History, Vol. 7, No. 4

"Review of David Punter, The Romantic Unconscious: A Study in Narcissism and Patriarchy", H-Albion, H-Net Reviews, July, 1994.

"Retorts" [letter to the editor], The Alembic, no. 2, Summer 1989, p. 8.
(An embarrassing sample of my pre-1992 writing)

Maria kaj la Grupo recenzas Ralph Dumain [in Esperanto. Also on this site: Review (Recenzo): Emba, "Maria kaj la Grupo"]

Hegelian Marxism discussion, Ralph Dumain et al, on Hegel-by-Hypertext.

The C.L.R. James Institute--A New Model of Scholarship in the Social Division of Labor, 17 Jan. 1997.

An Introduction to Jeff Perry, 30 May 2001.

On C.L.R. James's 'On the Spiritual', 1994.

Mariners, Renegades, And Castaways: The Acid Test by Ralph Dumain. 31 August 1993, ed. 6 June 2001.

C.L.R. James, Intellectuals, Non-Identity, & the Division of Labor by Ralph Dumain. 20 April 1997.

Ralph Dumain's Farewell Message to Jim Murray. 21 August 2003.

Jim Murray Memorial Address. Written 7 November 2003, delivered 8 November 2003.

Audiovisual Material by Ralph Dumain on Other Sites

Soundcloud (original & other recordings), e.g.

2019 July 27: Ralph Dumain: Studies in a Dying Culture: Love & Intellect (video @ YouTube)

Esperanto: One of the World’s Best Underutilized Ideas and Its Contributions to World Culture
(National Museum of Language as part of the Amelia Murdoch Speaker Series on May 10, 2014 in College Park, MD)
by James Ryan and Ralph Dumain
(video @ YouTube, 61:12 min)

Esperanto: One of the World’s Best Underutilized Ideas Part 2
(Question and Answer period)
(video @ YouTube, 55:14 min)
See also event announcement (with these 2 videos embedded) below

Ralph Dumain discusses the classic novel Voyage to Kazohinia (video @ YouTube)

Discussing Voyage to Kazohinia--June 6 book launch (video @ YouTube)

Vimeo (videos)

Arkivo de 3ZZZ Radio en Esperanto: elsendo de la 16a de majo 2011 (Dumain: 45:50 - 50:20 min.)

Marking the Centennial of Esperanto Creator’s Visit” by Art Silverman,
“All Things Considered,” National Public Radio, Tuesday 25 May 2010, 5:55 pm EDT

Live Interview with Ralph Dumain on "Living Room" (on C.L.R. James, 21 January 2004, with sound file)

Studies in a Dying Culture” Internet radio program (5/10/10 - ) (guide on this site)

Studies in a Dying Culture (permanent program @ Think Twice Radio)

Flatness and Depth in Life and Thought, Ralph Dumain & Fred Mohr interviewed by Richard Wicka, 10 May 2010, for ThinkTwiceRadio (see abstract). First of ongoing podcast program.

Ralph Dumain interviewed by Jim Pray, Buffalo, NY, 4 June 2006 (topics: this web site, poetry)

"As Long as You Are Still Breathing": Five Minutes with Ralph Dumain (video)
(Part One: Being Disappointed; Part Two: Old Edna)

Selected References to Ralph Dumain

American Society for Information Science (ASIS) , Special Interest Group for the Arts and Humanities (SIG/AH)

On the 48th Annual Meeting, Research in Word Processing Newsletter, vol. 3, no. 7, October 1985, pp. 12-13

On the SIG/AH Newsletter, Research in Word Processing Newsletter, vol. 2, no. 8, November 1984, p. 1

Adam Whybray quotes R. Dumain at MUBI: Hyenas (1 May 2017)

Esperanto, the ‘Worldwide Yiddish’ (The Schmooze) by Gary Shapiro, The Forward, December 21, 2010

Esperanto: One of the World’s Best Underutilized Ideas and Its Contributions to World Culture (event announcement, see 2 videos above)

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