Ideology of Cybernetics & Artificial Intelligence:
Selected References

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

Critical theory vs cybernetics (on this site)

Adorno on Philosophy, Formalism, & Artificial Intelligence (1964/65)

Jürgen Habermas on centralized automation of social control (1963?)

Ars combinatoria, cybernetics, mimesis & praxis by Henri Lefebvre (1965)

Is philosophical creativity combinatorial? by Henri Lefebvre (1965)

Henri Lefebvre on Leibniz & Ars Combinatoria by Henri Lefebvre (1965)

Henri Lefebvre’s Metaphilosophy – First Notes by Ralph Dumain

Soviet philosophy, cybernetics, & systems theory

Alternatives to Positivism by Igor Naletov (1984) (on this site)


The Great Soviet Encyclopedia: Selected Entries on Philosophical & Related Topics (on this site)

cybernetics by V. M. Glushkov (at The Free Dictionary – Encyclopedias).

Shames, Carl. “Activity Theory: A Marxist Approach to Psychology,” Science and Nature, Nos. 9/10, 1989, pp. 54-64.

Reviews by Ralph Dumain

Logicomix: Logic and Madness Reviewed by Ralph Dumain (on this site)

A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines, novel by Janna Levin, reviewed by R. Dumain (Reason & Society blog, May 23, 2018)

Renewal of Materialism (1) (Reason & Society blog, August 13, 2010) Note:

Gil, Didier. “Is Consciousness a Brain Process?”, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, vol. 22, no. 1, 2000, pp. 227-253.

This is one of the finest dissections of the competing philosophies underlying artificial intelligence I have seen.

Review of Bonnie Bilyeu Gordon, Songs from Unsung Worlds: Science in Poetry (on this site)

Emergence blog (old blog, on this site)

02 (5 Nov 2004-25 Feb 2005)

03 (23 Feb 2005-3 June 2005)

Miscellaneous books on artificial intelligence

McCorduck, Pamela. Machines Who Think: A Personal Inquiry into the History and Prospects of Artificial Intelligence. 2nd ed. Natick, MA: A K Peters, Ltd., 2004.

Weizenbaum, Joseph. Computer Power and Human Reason: From Judgment to Calculation. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman, 1976.

Weizenbaum, Joseph. Islands in the Cyberstream: Seeking Havens of Reason in a Programmed Society, with Gunna Wendt, translated by Benjamin Fasching-Gray. Sacramento, CA: Litwin Books, 2015. [German original, 2006]

Philosophy of mind / cognitive science

Fodor, Jerry A. “The Mind-Body Problem,” Scientific American, vol. 244, no. 1, January 1981.

Peter Swirski

Swirski, Peter. From Literature to Biterature: Lem, Turing, Darwin, and Explorations in Computer Literature, Philosophy of Mind, and Cultural Evolution. Montreal; Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013.

Interview with Peter Swirski, Author of From Literature to Biterature (September 11, 2013)

Peter Swirski - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Peter Swirski & artificial intelligence: the last gasp of bourgeois reason by Ralph Dumain (on this site)


Artificial Intelligence” (1961) by Adrienne Rich (on this site)

Adrienne Rich (web site)

Fiction (on this site)

“Verstrand’s Extelopedia in 44 Magnetomes” [2 excerpts] by Stanislaw Lem

Stanislaw Lem’s bitic literature in ‘The Illogic of Kassel’ by Enrique Vila-Matas

Stanislaw Lem

Golem XIV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Golem XIV - Stanislaw Lem [Lem web site]

Golem - based on the short story by Stanislaw Lem [Polish]

Imaginary Magnitude/Golem XIV by Kit Roebuck

Miscellaneous (on this site)

Ways of Thinking (artificial intelligence, cognitive science, Hungarian literature) by László Mérő (1990)

Ferdinand de Diego, “Teknozoismo,” Monda Kulturo, aŭtuno 1964, p. 278. [In Esperanto, review of Sándor Szathmári: Maŝinmondo kaj aliaj noveloj]

Cybernetics & Das Netz

The Net (Das Netz, 2003) by Lutz Dammbeck


Dammbeck, Lutz. DAS NETZ - Die Konstruktion des Unabombers & Das "Unabomber-Manifest": Die Industrielle Gesellschaft und ihre Zukunft. 2, Aufl. edition. Edition Nautilus, 2015. (Nautilus Flugschrift)

Gerovitch, Slava. From Newspeak to Cyberspeak: A History of Soviet Cybernetics. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2002.

Heims, Steve Joshua. Constructing a Social Science for Postwar America: The Cybernetics Group, 1946-1953. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1993 [1991].


Argomentazione (Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence)

AI^3 2017: Advances In Argumentation In Artificial Intelligence. Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Advances In Argumentation In Artificial Intelligence co-located with XVI International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA 2017), Bari, Italy, November 16-17, 2017.

Bibliographies & web guides

Ars Combinatoria Study Guide

Vienna Circle, Karl Popper, Frankfurt School, Marxism, McCarthyism & American Philosophy: Selected Bibliography

Karel Čapek: Selected Bibliography & Web Links

Frigyes & Ferenc Karinthy in English

Science Fiction & Utopia Research Resources: A Selective Work in Progress

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