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The Honor Roll: American Philosophers Professionally Injured During the McCarthy Era by John McCumber

Reflections on American Philosophy From Within: Foreword & Table of Contents by Roy Wood Sellars (links to other chapters)

Reflections on American Philosophy From Within: Chapter 1—The Nature of the Project by Roy Wood Sellars

Reflections on American Philosophy From Within: Chapter 8 — Intersecting Dialectical Materialism by Roy Wood Sellars

Some Reflections of Roy Wood Sellars

"Epilogue on Berkeley" by Roy Wood Sellars

Principles of Emergent Realism: Philosophical Essays by Roy Wood Sellars
      Why Naturalism and Not Materialism
      Is Naturalism Enough?
      Reformed Materialism and Intrinsic Endurance

"The New Materialism" by Roy Wood Sellars

Philosophic Thought in France and the United States: Essays Representing Major Trends in Contemporary French and American Philosophy, 2nd ed., edited by Marvin Farber (1st ed., 1950)
      Foreword [1967]
      Bergsonianism by Auguste Cornu
      Critical Realism and Modern Materialism by Roy Wood Sellars

Philosophy for the Future: The Quest of Modern Materialism: Foreword & Contents by Roy Wood Sellars, V.J. McGill, Marvin Farber

Radical Currents in Contemporary Philosophy edited by David H. DeGrood, Dale Riepe, & John Somerville

Experience and Subjectivism (Sections I.F-II.D) by Marvin Farber

The Issue of Naturalism vs. Subjectivism by Marvin Farber

Naturalism and Subjectivism: Contents by Marvin Farber

Edmund Husserl and the Aims of Phenomenology by Marvin Farber

Heidegger on the Essence of Truth by Marvin Farber

Phenomenology and Existence: Toward a Philosophy Within Nature by Marvin Farber
     Contents & Foreword
     Marvin Farber on Maurice Merleau‑Ponty

The Search for an Alternative I: Subjectivism, Phenomenology, Marxism, and the Role of Alternatives by Marvin Farber

The Search for an Alternative 8: The Historical Outcome of Subjectivism by Marvin Farber

The Search for an Alternative 9: From the Perspective of Materialism by Marvin Farber

Phenomenology and Natural Existence: Essays in Honor of Marvin Farber, edited by Dale Riepe
     Contents & Acknowledgements
     Introduction by Dale Riepe
     Reflections on the Career of Marvin Farber by Roy Wood Sellars
     “Mediation and Immediacy for Husserl” by Kah Kyung Cho

"Life-World within Brackets" by David H. DeGrood

The Last Stand of Dialectic Materialism: A Study of Sidney Hook’s Marxism by Max Eastman

Curt J. Ducasse on Wisdom, Norms, Theory, & Pragmatism

"La Filozofio de Jozefo Ditsgen" [in Esperanto] de Mark Starr

"Organized Labor and the Dewey Philosophy" by Mark Starr

John Dewey’s Theory of Valuation reviewed by Herbert Marcuse

Science versus Idealism by Maurice Cornforth
     Chapter 18: Pragmatism; section 7. An “Idealism of Action"—Philosophy of American Imperialism

Literature, Criticism, and the Theory of Signs (Contents) by Victorino Tejera

The Neo-Realistic Philosophy of Symbolism and Art: A. N. Whitehead by Yevgeny Basin

Preface to Process and Unreality: A Criticism of Method in Whitehead's Philosophy by Harry K. Wells

Alienation and Dialectical Logic by Harry K. Wells

Historical Origins of the Logic of Classification and the Logic of Genesis by Harry K. Wells

Harry Wells on the History of Logic by Ralph Dumain

"The Development of Thomas Davidson's Religious and Social Thought" by James A. Good

Letter to Ludwig Feuerbach from Ottilie Assing about Frederick Douglass

Beyond Deduction and Induction: Towards Perfect Truth According to Edgar Allen Poe

Friedrich Engels on the American Mentality

John Dewey's Foreword to Paul Radin's Primitive Man as Philosopher

Red Jacket vs. Christianity: The Native American as Rationalist

Chief Adario on the White Man's Morals

The Firesign Theater: "Temporarily Humboldt County"

Simplex, Complex, & Multiplexity according to Samuel R. Delaney

The Ins and Outs of Lloyd’s Left Out by Ralph Dumain

Notes on Bruce Kuklick’s Black Philosopher, White Academy: The Career of William Fontaine by Ralph Dumain

The Mind and Thought of the Negro of the United States as Revealed in Imaginative Literature, 1876-1940” by William T. Fontaine

Fortune, Matter, and Providence: A Study of Ancius Severinus Boethius and Giordano Bruno by William T. Fontaine

Reflections on Segregation, Desegregation, Power and Morals (Contents) by William T. Fontaine [Note Marvin Farber as series editor]

The Failure of the Negro Intellectual” by E. Franklin Frazier

Martin Luther King, Jr. & G.W.F. Hegel

Martin Luther King’s Debt to Hegel” by John Ansbro

Cornel West's Evasion of Philosophy, Or, Richard Wright's Revenge by Ralph Dumain

Cornel West and Marxism: An Incomplete Review by R. Dumain

Pragmatism Blues by R. Dumain

Nietzsche & the Analytic-Continental Divide: Denouement of Bourgeois Reason; Or, Analytical Philosophy's Being-for-Death by R. Dumain

100 Years of C.L.R. James by Ralph Dumain (with further links)

"Hegel's Philosophy as Basis for the Dewey Classification Schedule" by Eugene E. Graziano

Henry Brokmeyer: Fictional Portrayal of a St. Louis Hegelian reviewed by Ralph Dumain

Herman Melville's Moby Dick & the Contradictions of Modernity by Ralph Dumain

FEEDBACK: Melville the "Atheist" by Ralph Dumain

Herman Melville & German Philosophy by Henry A. Pochmann

Dietzgenism” by Marcus Hitch

Joseph Dietzgen and Henry George” by Marcus Hitch

Pragmatism” by Marcus Hitch

New Year's Resolution: Exploring Philosophical Cultures (December 2003 - January 2004) by Ralph Dumain

The Open Society: Paradox and Challenge (Introduction) by Stanley B. Ryerson

History and Anti-History in Philosophy (Contents) ed. by T. Z. Lavine & V. Tejera

Critique of Idealistic Naturalism: Methodological Pollution in the Main Stream of American Philosophy” by Dale Riepe

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit: Philosophy's 'Starting Point' by David H. DeGrood

The Appearance of Reality and the Reality of Appearance” by David H. DeGrood

The Thunderbolt, Interpenetration and Heraclitus” by David H. DeGrood

Dialogues on the Philosophy of Marxism (Contents), edited by John Somerville & Howard L. Parsons

Dialectic by Harold I. Brown

Letter from Sir John Eccles to Harold J. Dumain, 6 November 1977

Bibliographies on this site:

The American Hegelians

Pragmatism and Its Discontents: Selected Bibliography

Pragmatism and Its Discontents: Annotated Selected Bibliography

Thelma Z. Lavine (1915–2011): American Philosopher & Popularizer

Charles Johnson, Black American Philosopher & Novelist: Select Bibliography

Bertrand Russell vs William James & the Will to Believe

Secular Humanism—Ideology, Philosophy, Politics, History: Bibliography in Progress

Selections from Contemporary East European Philosophy, Revolutionary World, B. R. Gr´┐Żner Publishing Co, & Related Publications: Bibliography & Web Links

Historical Surveys of Atheism, Freethought, Rationalism, Skepticism, and Materialism: Selected Works

Vienna Circle, Karl Popper, Frankfurt School, Marxism, McCarthyism & American Philosophy

Whitehead & Marxism: Selected Bibliography

Related study guides on this site:

Black Studies, Music, America vs Europe

Richard Wright

Susan Haack — An Introductory Guide

On other sites:

Bibliography of Roy Wood Sellars

Roy Wood Sellars: Philosopher of Religious Humanism 1883-1973 by W. Preston Warren, Edwin H. Wilson, Roy Wood Sellers, Raymond B. Bragg

15 Theses of Naturalistic Humanism by Roy Wood Sellars

Critical Realism: A Study of the Nature and Conditions of Knowledge (1916) by Roy Wood Sellars

The Next Step in Democracy (1916) by Roy Wood Sellars

The Essentials of Logic (1917) by Roy Wood Sellars

The Essentials of Philosophy (1917) by Roy Wood Sellars

Evolutionary Naturalism (1922) by Roy Wood Sellars

Primitive Man as Philosopher (1927, 2nd rev. ed. 1957) by Paul Radin, with a foreword by John Dewey

What Is 'Non-Western' Philosophy? Part One (2009) by Justin E. H.Smith

The Philosophy of Materialism” [review of Philosophy for the Future] by Hunter Mead (1949)

Pragmatism: Philosophy of Imperialism by Harry K. Wells

 Review: Pragmatism: Philosophy of Imperialism by Harry K. Wells by Irving Louis Horowitz

On Pragmatism,” exchange beween Maurice Cornforth & Irving Louis Horowitz

The Rise and Fall of Homegrown American Marxism” by Daniel Tutt

American Philosophy and the Labor Movement” (1962) by George Novack

Bhaskar and American Critical Realism” by Ian Verstegen

Better Red than Dead—Putting an End to the Social Irrelevance of Postwar Philosophy of Science” by Don Howard

American philosophy in the twentieth century” by James R. O'Shea

“Naturalism and Subjectivism: Philosophy for the Future?” by Peter T. Manicas

Interpreting America: Russian and Soviet Studies of the History of American Thought reviewed by Peter T. Manicas

Peter T. Manicas Homepage

Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy

The Pragmatism Cybrary

Central European Pragmatist Forum

Supplementary Bibliography

Ferri, Michela Beatrice, ed. The Reception of Husserlian Phenomenology in North America, in collaboration with Carlo Ierna. Cham: Springer, 2019. (Contributions To Phenomenology; 100)

Strassfeld, Jonathan. Inventing Philosophy’s Other: Phenomenology in America. Chicago; London: The University of Chicago Press, 2022.

Note Marvin Farber’s key role in this development and the shift in his position. See also Marvin Farber’s Break with Husserl.

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