Letter from Sir John Eccles to Harold J. Dumain, 6 November 1977

6 Nov 77

Dear Harold,

I fear I have been long in replying to your letter. You ask about San Francisco. As far as I know you are unfortunately not on the list of paid participants. It has been very expensive to meet in San Francisco, but next year it probably will be in New York, which may again be possible for you.

The book with Popper is now out: “The Self and its Brain”, published by Springer Verlag. They have a New York distribution from their office in 5th Avenue. We hope for a large sale as it is very reasonably priced. I am glad that you go on with your novel.

About your revolutionary ideas with respect to Physics I am not competent to comment.

I am happy that all goes well with your life and your new home. Warmest greetings to yourself + your wife from Helena + me.

Yours sincerely
John Eccles     

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