Georg Lukács

On Hungarian Dramatic Literature

Translated by Charles Senger

from the German text

Entwicklungsgeschichte des modernen Dramas

Section 1 of Chapter xv:

Die ungarische Dramenliteratur

* * *

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Translated on request for The Autodidact Project

© 2012 Charles Senger

SOURCE: Lukács, Georg. Entwicklungsgeschichte des modernen Dramas; herausgegeben von Frank Benseler (Darmstadt: Luchterhand, 1981); excerpt from Chapter XV: Die ungarische Dramenliteratur, pp. 542-544. (Georg Lukács Werke; Bd. 15) Originally Fejlő désének története (1911) [The history of the development of modern drama]. Budapest: Magvető, 1978. Excerpt translated by Charles Senger.

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