Georg Lukács’s The Destruction of Reason:
Selected Bibliography

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

Lukács, Georg. The Destruction of Reason, translated by Peter Palmer. London: The Merlin Press, 1980.

Nietzsche as Founder of Irrationalism in the Imperialist Period, Chapter III, pp. 309-399

Lukács' Critique of Carl Schmitt, pp. 652-666

Lukács on Wittgenstein, pp. 782-784

See also:

Lukács, Georg. Existentialisme ou Marxisme?; trad. par E. Kelemen. Paris: Nagel, 1948. 310p. (Collection Pensées) 2nd ed., 1961.

About The Destruction of Reason

Adorno, Theodor. “Reconciliation under Duress,” translated by Rodney Livingstone, in Aesthetics and Politics, by Ernst Bloch, Georg Lukács, Bertolt Brecht, Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno; afterword by Fredric Jameson; Ronald Taylor, translation editor (London: NLB, 1977), pp. 151-176. See p. 152.

Alternate translation: Adorno, Theodor W. “Extorted Reconciliation: On Georg Lukács’ Realism in Our Time” (1958), in Notes to Literature; Volume One, edited by Rolf Tiedemann, translated by Shierry Weber Nicholsen (New York: Columbia University Press, 1991), pp. 216-240.

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Deutscher, Isaac. “Georg Lukács and Critical Realism” (1966) in Marxism in Our Time, edited by Tamara Deutscher (Berkeley, CA: Ramparts Press, 1971), pp. 283-93. See also quote:

Isaac Deutscher on Lukács, rationalism, irrationalism, & Nazism

Donougho, Martin. “Irrationalism, Lukâcs and the Marxist View of Reason,” The Review of Metaphysics, Sept. 1995.

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Georg Lukács on Irrationalism and Nazism: The Unity of Cynicism and Credulity

Georg Lukács on Relativism, Feuerbach, Nietzsche & Spengler

Lukács on Wittgenstein

“On the Responsibility of Intellectuals” (Excerpt)
by Georg Lukács

Karinthy mocks Lukács

Arpad Kadarkay on Lukács on Madách

Lukács in Moscow: RAPP, Mór Jókai, Socialist Realism

"Existentialism" by Georg Lukács

The Question of Educational Work by Georg Lukács

On The Fiftieth Anniversary of Feuerbach’s Death” by Georg Lukács

The Two Epochs of Bourgeois Materialism: On Moleschott’s Centenary” by Georg Lukács

The History of Hegel’s Youth: Review of Wilhelm Dilthey’s collected writings, Vol. IV
by Georg Lukács

Simple and Higher Categories of the Dialectic by Georg Lukács

Die ungarische Dramenliteratur / Georg Lukács

On Hungarian Dramatic Literature
by Georg Lukács, translated by Charles Senger

The Metaphysics of Tragedy: Excerpts by Georg Lukács

Georg Lukács on Dostoevsky & the future of the novel

Stavrogin’s Confession by Georg Lukács

Ibsen & the problem of ideological decay [extract] by Georg Lukács

The Importance and Influence of Ady” by György Lukács

The New Hungarian Quarterly, no. 47 (vol. 13, Autumn 1972):
In Memoriam György Lukács (1885-1971)
(Special issue)

Lukács on Futurology

Reminiscences of Lukács” by Tibor Déry

Lukács and Hungarian Culture by Ferenc Tőkei

Lukács and Hungarian Literature” by Ivan Sanders

Ernst Bloch on Expressionism, Lukács, totality

Theodor W. Adorno on modernism, Georg Lukács, James Joyce (1)

Theodor W. Adorno on modernism, Georg Lukács, James Joyce (2)

Isaac Deutscher on Lukács, rationalism, irrationalism, & Nazism

Lukács’ Lost Manuscript Tailism and the Dialectic Reviewed by R. Dumain

"Lukács' and Husserl's Critiques of Science" by Mihály Vajda

Theory and Practice from the Point of View of Human Needs” by Agnes Heller

History and Class Consciousness by Gajo Petrović

Alienation, Utopia, & Hungarian intellectuals: Madách, Ady, Karinthy, Fogarasi, Nádor, Lukács, Mannheim
by Joseph Gabel

Herbert Marcuse: Letter to Karel Kosík, March 22, 1963
(trans. Charles Reitz)

Paul Szende on ideology & reification

András Gedö et al on Lukács (1957)

Frigyes Karinthy in the 1919 Hungarian Soviet Republic by Bob Dent

Frigyes Karinthy, Nyugat , & political change in Hungary, 1908-1918
by Mario D. Fenyo

Review of Béla Fogarasi, Logik by Alonzo Church

Engels, Lukács, utopia, & genre theory
by R. Dumain

Karl Korsch’s philosophical writings
Commentary by Ralph Dumain

"Heidegger's Jargon" by Ralph Dumain

On Goldmann, Lukacs, Heidegger, and Adorno by Ralph Dumain

Galvano Della Volpe on E. V. Ilyenkov

Inventing Bergson: The Politics of Time and Modernity (Excerpts)
by Mark Antliff

Arta partikulareco kaj Esperanto [pri teorio de Georg Lukàcs] de R. P. Nogueira

Kontraŭrevoluciaj fortoj dum la hungara proletara diktaturo de György Lukács

Pri Falsa Konscio kaj Mistifiko
de Ladislav Podmele (in Esperanto)

Henrik Ibsen’s The Wild Duck & Other Works:
A Select, Annotated Bibliography

Futurology, Science Fiction, Utopia, and Alienation
in the Work of Imre Madách, György Lukács, and Other Hungarian Writers:
Select Bibliography

Evald Ilyenkov & Mikhail Lifshits:
Aesthetics, Symbolic Mediation, & the Ideal:
Selected Bibliography

Anti-Nietzsche Bibliography

Positivism vs Life Philosophy (Lebensphilosophie) Study Guide

Theodor W. Adorno & Critical Theory Study Guide

Salvaging Soviet Philosophy (1)

Marx and Marxism Web Guide


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A Fresh Look at Lukács: on Steven Vogel's Against Nature by Andrew Feenberg

Lukács, Marx and the Sources of Critical Theory by Andrew Feenberg

Revolutionary Dialectics against "Tailism": Lukács' Answer to the Criticisms of History and Class Consciousness
by Michael Löwy

Dialectics and Revolution” by Michael Löwy review of Georg Lukács, A Defence of History and Class Consciousness: Tailism and the Dialectic
by R. Dumain

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Alfred Rosenberg: National Socialist aesthetician Literaturni Kritik (1934)

Prussianism (1944)

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Four Studies on Nietzsche (1934-43),
translated by Anton P.

Hegel’s Aesthetics (1951)

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