International Science Fiction

Vol. 1, No. 1, November 1967

Cover art and interior illustrations by Jack Gaughan.
Editorial: “SF Film Festival” by Frederik Pohl (4-8, 130).
U.S.S.R: “Wanderers and Travellers” by Arkady Strugatsky.

Special Feature: [From the Planet Earth] “Science Fiction Around the World”.
What's new in science fiction as reported by Our Men in Germany, Italy and the U.S.S.R.

“Germany” by Walter Ernsting (19-21)
“The Soviet Union” by Julius Kagarlitsky, translated by Anne McCaffrey & Irina Poutiatine (21-26)
“Italy” by Luigi Cozzi (26-29)

Germany: “The Epsilon Problem” by Helmuth W. Mommers & Ernst Vleck, translated by Harry Warner, Jr.
France: “Uranus” by Michel Ehrwein, translated by Damon Knight.
Australia: “The Disposal Man” by Damien Broderick.
Italy: “Rainy Day Revolution No. 39” by Luigi Cozzi.
England: “Ecoysiac” by Robert Presslie.
U.S.S.R.: “Perpetual Motion” by Ilya Varshavsky, translated by S. Ostrofsky.
Netherlands: “They Still Jump” by J. L. [Jacques-Louis] Mahé, translated from Esperanto by Clarkson Crane.
Italy: “Witchcraft for Beginners” by F. C. Gozzini.
U.S.S.R.: “Homunculus” by Ilya Varshavsky, translated by S. Ostrofsky.
Germany: “Monster” by Helmuth W. Mommers & Ernst Vleek, translated by Harry Warner, Jr.
England: “The Big Tin God” by Phillip E. High (119-130).

SOURCE: International Science Fiction, Vol. 1, No. 1, November 1967. New York: Galaxy Publishing Corporation. 130 pp. This page: front cover, inside front over, p. 3 (contents).

International Science Fiction, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1968

In 2112,” by J. U. Geisy & J. B. Smith,
translated from Esperanto by Forrest J. Ackerman

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, January 1964 (Volume 26, no. 1, whole no. 152): Covers & Contents

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Science Fiction & Utopia Research Resources: A Selective Work in Progress

Futurology, Science Fiction, Utopia, and Alienation
in the Work of Imre Madách, György Lukács, and Other Hungarian Writers:
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