René Magritte Study Guide: Links & References

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

On this site:

René Magritte on the Revolutionary Artist vs. Folk Art & Stalinism

René Magritte to Harry Torczyner on Painting

René Magritte on Descartes, Berkeley, & confusion

Explanation Explained by René Magritte

René Magritte Interroge les Pierres Vivantes

Magritte, la Pataphysique et son Collège

René Magritte à propos de Jorge Luis Borgès

Écrits Complets par René Magritte

Magritte’s grotesquerie: from fear to pleasure

René Magritte” par Paul Eluard

Borges, Magritte, & Escher by R. Dumain

Surrealism: Selected Links


René Magritte @ Ĝirafo

René Magritte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

René Magritte: 100 Famous Paintings, Analysis, Complete Works, & Bio

Fondation Magritte

Writings & quotations by Magritte

Magritte, René. Écrits Complets, éd. établie et annotée par André Blavier. Paris: Flammarion, 1979. 761 pp.

Magritte, René. René Magritte: Selected Writings, edited by Kathleen Rooney and Eric Plattner, translated by Jo Levy with six pieces translated by Adam Elgar, preface by Sandra Zalman. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2016. xxiii, 286 pp.

Magritte, René. Magritte / Torczyner: Letters Between Friends, translated from the French by Richard Miller, introduction by Sam Hunter. New York: Henry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, 1994.

Torczyner, Harry. Magritte: The True Art of Painting, translated by Richard Miller. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1979. (Abridged version.)

Selected studies of Magritte

Chao, Shun-liang. Rethinking the Concept of the Grotesque: Crashaw, Baudelaire, Magritte. London: Legenda, 2010. See chapter 5: The Surrealist Grotesque: Magritte’s Object Lessons, pp. 130-167.

Lipinski, Lisa. René Magritte and the Art of Thinking. New York: Routledge, 2019.

Noël, Bernard. Magritte, translated by Jeffrey Arsham. New York: Crown, 1977.

Note: Magritte is known as a painter, but the ideas behind his art as well as writings, interviews, and analyses comprise the focus here. Note also that Magritte’s approach to art has a basis distinct from approaches of other surrealists. Some of the works cited contain depictions of Magritte’s artwork.

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