Night of Summer

By Kálmán Kalocsay

Translated from Esperanto by William Auld

The summer night with whispered zest
murmurs its secret arietta,
the darkness lulls us breast to breast
upon the isle of Margaretta.

Here, where once a cloister stood,
retreat of pale and silent nuns,
where now the love-concealing wood
pagan the ruin over-runs

the night incenses us with mint,
mignonette, mallow and narcissus,
anoints us with a sacrament
of love, of never-ending kisses.

How jubilant the crickets seem
as frenziedly they raise their drone!
Amidst the grass the glow-worms gleam
discreetly, for themselves alone.

Like an enormous tinsell'd veil
enfolds us the celestial arc,
and with us, slowly, now sets sail
the island, like a bridal barque.

FONTO: Auld, William. Esperanto: A New Approach, 2-a eldono (Bruselo: Heroldo de Esperanto, 1969), p. 61.

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