Letters from Abroad

Two Generations in the Argentine


Leon Malach
[Leib Malach / Leyb Malakh]

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SOURCE: Malach, Leib [Leon]. Letters from Abroad: Two Generations in the Argentine, The Menorah Journal, vol. 13, no. 4, August 1927, pp. 408-416.

Writing the Maiden
by Nathaniel Deutsch

de Lejb Malaĥ (1894-1936)
(Antaŭparolo & Biografio)

Anonco pri Misisipi

Esperanto & Laborista Movado / Esperanto & the Labor Movement

Esperanto & Interlinguistics Study Guide / Esperanto-Gvidilo (kun interlingvistiko)

Black Studies, Music, America vs Europe Study Guide

Alireteje / Offsite:

Misisipi [kompleta teksto]
de Lejb Malaĥ

Gejunulara ĵurkanto de Leib Malach,
trad. I. Jurysta; en Proletaria Kantaro, 1924

Leib Malach @ Ĝirafo

Icek Jurysta - Vikipedio

Icek Jurysta by Lotty Malach

Mississippi, 1935 · YIVO Online Exhibitions

Malach, Leib in the Jewish Virtual Library

Leib Malach (1894-1896) : Jidlingvaj Libroj / Books in Yiddish

The Jewish White Slave Trade and the Untold Story of Raquel Liberman
by Nora Glickman

Caftens, Kurvehs, and Stille Chuppahs: Jewish Sex Workers and their Opponents in Buenos Aires, 1890-1930
by Mir Yarfitz

Seeking Mameloshn Down South
by Ilan Stavans

The King of Lampedusa and Remolding
by Joel Berkowitz

Farmitlung and Shtadlones in Latin American Yiddish Literature
Alan Astro

Yiddish South of the Border
ed. by Alan Astro

Director's Prologue to Leib Malach's play "Remolding"
by Jacob Botoshanski (pp. 89-91)

Remolding (excerpts of a play, pp. 92-8)
by Leib Malach

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