Hermann Hesse, Klera Utopio, Universala Lingvo, Esperanto

(Hermann Hesse, Intellectual Utopia, Universal Language, Esperanto)

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Hermann Hesse en Esperanto

Verkoj de Hermann Hesse:

Demian: la historio de la junaĝo de Emil Sinkler, trad. Detlef Karthaus . New York: Mondial, 2007.

La lasta somero de Klinsor (elĉerpaĵo), trad. Wolfram Diestel. Ankaŭ en arkivoj de Google cache & Logos Library.

La lupo (1907), trad. William Walter Patterson & helpintoj (1999, 2000).

Ravenna, komp. Othmar Schoeck, en Kantoj kaj Arioj tradukitaj de Heino Lorenz (Luzern, 1980).

Tri tilioj (1923), trad. Wolfgang Kirschstein, La Ondo de Esperanto, 1999, No 3 (53).


Hermann Hesse


Hermann Hesse - Vikicitaro

Pri Hermann Hesse:

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Pri La Vitroperla Ludo Anglalingve / On The Glass Bead Game (Magister Ludi), in English

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Pri la Ideologia Dimensio de Herman Hesse / On the Ideological Dimension of Hermann Hesse

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Muziko / Music

Glass Bead Games / Clifford Jordan Quartet (4:36) in album Glass Bead Games (recorded 1973, released 1974, Strata-East; re-released 2006).

Glass Bead Games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Clifford Jordan: Clifford Jordan’s Glass Bead Games: Coltrane's Progeny by Samuel Chell, All About Jazz, August 16, 2007.

Videoj / Videos

A Glass Bead Game by Frank Blau (17 min.)

Hesse’s novel, James Joyce, & the evolution of database architecture.

Retejoj / Web Sites

Hermann Hesse Home Page / Prof. Gunther Gottschalk (bilingual site)

GLASS BEAD GAME—Cosmic Play In a Symbolic Universe [caveat emptor]

Das Glasperlenspiel: Inre Lives— life compositions— Hesse wrote...

HipBone Games by Charles Cameron

Board games / Tabulludoj

The Glass Bead Game (Mindsports, playable; Christian Freeling, Mancala variant, 1979)

Other offsite links (blogs) / Ankaŭ alireteje (bloge)

Hermann Hesse: 'The Glass Bead Game' (1) by R. Dumain

Hermann Hesse @ Ĝirafo by R. Dumain (in English & Esperanto)

On this site / Ĉi-reteje

La lasta somero de Klinsor (elĉerpaĵo), de Hermann Hesse, trad. Wolfram Diestel

Hermann Hesse's GLASS BEAD GAME by Ştefan Borbély

The Question of Elites: An Essay on the Cultural Elitism of Nietzsche, George, and Hesse (Selections) by Stanley J. Antosik

The Imaginary Elites of Hermann Hesse: The Order of Castalia

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