History and the Imagination:
Selected Writings of A. L. Morton

Edited by Margot Heinemann and Willie Thompson


Editors’ Preface 7
I: Appreciations  
A People’s Historian Christopher Hill 11
A Rebel and His Lineage Raphael Samuel 19
II: The Matter of Britain  
The Matter of Britain  25
Shakespeare’s Historical Outlook 54
Francis Bacon—Philosopher of Nature 73
Utopia Yesterday and Today 80
The Leveller Style  95
The Everlasting Gospel  106
Genius on the Border 147
Parson Lot 163
The Conscience of John Ruskin     171
An Englishman Discovers India  177
T.S. Eliot—A Personal View   183
III: The Thirties and Wartime  
Poetry and Property in a Communist Society  197
Culture and Leisure 205
On the Nature of the Ballad    208
The Madness of Swift     217
Mr Crusoe and Mr Gulliver 226
Charles Churchill: The Bear with the Ragged Staff   232
The Last Puritan      238
E.M. Forster and the Classless Society     244
Promise of Victory: A Note on the Negro Spiritual      252
IV: Writings after 1945  
Introduction to The City of the Sun   257
The Situation of Women in Shakespeare’s Time 266
The First Battle of Naseby  272
Pilgrim’s Progress  275
French Revolutionaries and English Democrats     282
Morris, Marx and Engels  291
A Vision Not A Dream 304
T.A. Jackson 307
Edgell Rickword and the Calendar of Modern Letters   310
A.L. Lloyd: A Personal Memoir     313
Communist Party History, 1927-1941 317
How Glorious Was the Revolution? Ireland  321
V: Poems  
Blow, Blow ... 325
Numen Inest  326
A Meditation Upon Sorcery  327
Thin Dirge Appropriate to Sunset 328
‘One Law for the Lion and the Ox…’  329
Fascism    330
So I Became… 331
Exorcism  333
Limed Spirit   334
‘And Then Came Spring…’          335
Leave   336
Spring Morning 337
October 1942 339
The Backward Lookers  340
Select Bibliography 341
Index  343

SOURCE: Morton, A. L. (Arthur Leslie). History and the Imagination: Selected Writings of A. L. Morton, edited by Margot Heinemann and Willie Thompson. London: Lawrence & Wishart, 1990. 352 pp.

Note: The rest of the poems not receiving individual web pages are grouped together.


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