James Joyce

El-Joyce-igis Kris Long


FONTO: Joyce, James. El: Uliso (From: Ulysses), trad. Kris Long, La Kancerkliniko, n-ro 26, aprilo-junio 1983, p. 14-15.


(1) The Esperanto translation consists of two excerpts from the first chapter. It starts at the very beginning of the novel up through ....

“—Look at yourself, he said, you dreadful bard.”

After skipping a bit, it resumes with....

“The doorway was darkened by an entering form.”

.... and ends with ....

“—We’ll owe twopence, he said.”

(2) ‘Skroto’ = ‘scrotum’. I think that ‘scrotumtightening sea’ was mistranslated. I read ‘skrotstreĉa’ as ‘scrotum-stretching’. The Esperanto root ‘streĉ’ can also refer to the opposite of relaxation, as in tension. Still, this compound word is confusing. I prefer something more like ‘scrotum-constricting’ in Esperanto, ‘skrot(o)prema’ or ‘skrotstriktiga’. Either version of ‘scrotumtightening sea’ sounds good: ‘skrotprema maro’; ‘skrotstriktiga maro’.

Giacomo Joyce
de James Joyce, trad. Kris Long

Richard Brautigan” [poemoj]
tradukis kun noto Kris Long

Pri Ne-Verkita Poemo
(kun citaĵoj el William Blake -blejk-) de Kris Long

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