The Student Movement vs. . . . Mark Starr?

from “The Students Take Over

by Kenneth Rexroth

Not only did the New Revolt of Youth become the hottest domestic copy in years, but it reached the ears of all the retired and semiretired and comfortably fixed pie-card artists of every lost and every long-since-won cause of the labor and radical movements. Everybody shouted, “Myself when young!” and pitched in with application blanks. The AFL-CIO sent out a well-known leader of the Esperanto movement who reported that the kids were muddled and confused and little interested in the trade-union movement which they, mistakenly in his opinion, thought of as morally compromised.

SOURCE: Rexroth, Kenneth. “The Students Take Over,” The Nation, 2 July 1960. Reprinted in Assays (1961) and World Outside the Window: Selected Essays of Kenneth Rexroth (1987).

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