Usona Mozaiko

Mark Starr

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FONTO: Starr, Mark. “Usona Mozaiko,” Sennacieca Revuo, n-ro 97, 1969, p. 28-32.

Mark Starr (1894-1985): Labor Educator & Esperantist
Study Guide

Includes all the following & more:

Mark Starr in East Africa & Bulgaria (News Clippings, 1963)

"A Pioneer in Workers' Education: Mark Starr and Workers' Education in Great Britain" by Ronda Hauben

"Mark Starr: Socialist Educator": Interview with Martin Lawn

Mark Starr (1894-1985): Workers' Educationist

Esperanto and Labour (by Mark Starr)

"Organized Labor and the Dewey Philosophy" by Mark Starr

"La Filozofio de Jozefo Ditsgen" de Mark Starr

The Student Movement vs. . . . Mark Starr? (Kenneth Rexroth)

Esperanto & Laborista Movado / Esperanto & the Labor Movement

Esperanto Study Guide / Esperanto-Gvidilo

Offsite / Alireteje:

Mark Starr - Vikipedio

Communism and an International Language by Mark Starr

A Worker Looks At History by Mark Starr

A Worker Looks At History

Mark Starr @ Ĝirafo

Mark Starr (1894-1985) « Family Connections

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