Let’s Be Human

By Harry Fleishman

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Famed labor educator Mark Starr is always urging workers to support Esperanto as an international language, so that people throughout the world will be able to understand each other. I’d go for that if it weren’t for the trouble we’re having in getting people North and South to understand the meaning of the same English words.

A fresh example of this difficulty was provided in a report of the American Veterans Committee, indicating that segregation, discrimination and unequal treatment of Negroes continue to be “widely practiced” in the National Guard of at least 16 states.

In Fort Worth, Texas, General K. L. Berry, state adjutant general denied the AVC allegation, with regard to discrimination in the Texas National Guard. “We don’t have any Negroes in any of our units,” he said.

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SOURCE: Fleishman, Harry. “Let’s Be Human,” subheading ‘A Common Language’, The Black Worker, September 1, 1961.

Mark Starr (1894-1985): Labor Educator & Esperantist
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