The Road to Disillusion:
From Critical Marxism to Postcommunism in Eastern Europe

Edited by Raymond Taras

James P Scanlan / USSR

Ferenc Feher / Hungary

Leslie Holmes / GDR

Raymond Taras / Poland

James Satterwhite / Czechoslovakia

Vladimir Tismaneanu / Romania

Mark Baskin / Bulgaria

Oskar Gruenwald / Yugoslavia


Acknowledgments vii

The Contributors ix

1. The" Meltdown" of Marxism in the Soviet Bloc: An Introduction / Raymond Taras 3

2. From Samizdat to Perestroika: The Soviet Marxist Critique of Soviet Society / James P. Scanlan 19

3. The Language of Resistance: "Critical Marxism" versus "Marxism-Leninism"in Hungary / Ferenc Feher 41

4. The Significance of Marxist Dissent to the Emergence of Postcommunism in the GDR / Leslie Holmes 57

5. Marxist Critiques of Political Crises in Poland / Raymond Taras 81

6. Marxist Critique and Czechoslovak Reform / James Satterwhite ll5

7. From Arrogance to Irrelevance: Avatars of Marxism in Romania / Vladimir Tismaneanu 135

8. Bulgaria : From Critique to Civil Society? / Mark Baskin 151

9. Praxis and Democratization in Yugoslavia: From Critical Marxism to Democratic Socialism? / Oskar Gruenwald 175

Name Index 197

Subject Index 202

SOURCE: The Road to Disillusion: From Critical Marxism to Postcommunism in Eastern Europe, edited by Raymond Taras. London; New York: Routledge, 2015 (1992).

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