Jack Lindsay


to Mulk Raj Anand

The world is there and then is here
the fire without is deep within
and near is far and far is near
and the stars in my hands spin
and in the stars I am spinning –

Bruno is that moment when we find the hidden heart of things
in the colliding lives of men
as in the aspiring lark that sings
small in the light's tall tree
with gyring wings:

when the large joy we recklessly spend
finds securely its home and finds
at last the casual destined friend
the shaping hands inside the mind
present past and future one
in struggle with no end.

SOURCE: Lindsay, Jack. Collected Poems, illustrated by Helen Lindsay. Lake Forest, IL: The Cheiron Press, 1981. xvi, 605 p., [40] leaves of plates. Signed. Copy #31. “Giordano Bruno” (written in period 1957-1979): p. 598.

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