Humanist Ethics: Dialogue on Basics

Edited by Morris B. Storer



EDITOR'S PREFACE                                                                                                     1



Humanism in Historical Perspective                                                                            6

Will Durant




Does Humanism Have an Ethic of Responsibility?                                                11

Paul Kurtz


          Comment by Storer                                                                                            25

          Reply by Kurtz                                                                                                   26


          Comment by Nielsen                                                                                         27

          Reply by Kurtz                                                                                                   29


          Comment by Marković                                                                                      31

          Reply by Kurtz                                                                                                   33


Historical Praxis as the Ground of Morality                                                             36

Mihailo Marković


          Comment by Kurtz                                                                                             51

          Reply by Marković                                                                                            54


Morality and the Human Situation                                                                            58

Kai Nielsen


          Comment by Fletcher                                                                                        70

          Reply by Nielsen                                                                                                71



Comment by Simpson                                                                                                 73




Freedom, Obligation, and Responsibility                                                                 75

Kurt Baier


          Comment by Schneider                              93


          Comment by Kolenda                                 94


          Comment by Bahm                                      95


Morality as an Art                                                                                                      98

Herbert W. Schneider


          Comment by Kolenda                                 101


          Comment by Baier                                       102


Globalism vs. Consensual Pluralism                                                                        104

Konstantin Kolenda


          Comment by Baier                                       117


          Comment by Simpson                                 118


          Comment by Kohl                                       119

          Reply by Kolenda                                       120


Toward a Humanist Consensus on Ethics

of International Development                                                                                   122

James R. Simpson


         Comment by Kolenda                                  134

         Reply by Simpson                                        135




Toward an Ethic of Mutual Accommodation                                                         137

Max Hocutt


Comment by Tarkunde                                         147

Reply by Hocutt                                                    149


Comment by Hannay                                            151

Reply by Hocutt                                                    153


Toward a Fuller Consensus in Humanistic Ethics                                                 154

V. M. Tarkunde


          Comment by Hannay                                  168

          Reply by Tarkunde                                     169


          Comment by Hocutt                                   171


On Suffering                                                                                                                173

Marvin Kohl


          Comment by Kurtz                                      177

          Reply by Kohl                                             178


Propositions Toward a Humanist Consensus in Ethics                                       179

Alastair Hannay


          Comment by Hocutt                                   191

          Reply by Hannay                                        192




An Ethical System for Now and the Future                                                            193

Lester A. Kirkendall


          Comment by Bahm                                     206

          Reply by Kirkendall                                    207


          Comment by Radest                                   208


Humanist Ethics and the Science of Oughtness                                                   210

Archie J. Bahm


           Comment by Kirkendall                             221

           Reply by Bahm                                            222


           Comment by Radest                                   223

           Reply by Bahm                                            224


           Comment by Storer                                     225


Relativism and Responsibility                                                                                  226

Howard B. Radest


           Comment by Bahm                                    241


Kulturkampf                                                                                                                246

Lee Nisbet


          Comment by Kirkendall                             247

          Reply by Nisbet                                          248


          Comment by Anton                                    250

          Reply by Nisbet                                          252




Humanistic Ethics: The Groundwork                                                                       253

Joseph Fletcher


          Comment by Storer                                     260


How Humanistic are Humanists?                                                                             262

Marvin Zimmerman


          Comment by Nisbet                                    268


          Comment by Storer                                     269

          Reply by Zimmerman                                 271


A Note Toward a Theory of Political Humanism                                                   272

John P. Anton


A Factual Investigation of the Foundations of Morality                                     281

Morris B. Storer


           Comment by Bahm                                     293

           Reply by Storer                                           295


           Comment by Fletcher                                 296

           Reply by Storer                                           299


NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS                                                                                  301

SOURCE: Humanist Ethics: Dialogue on Basics, edited by Morris B. Storer. Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1980. [vi], 303 pp. Contents, [iii]-[vi].

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