Praxis: Yugoslav Essays in the Philosophy and Methodology
of the Social Sciences


Editorial Preface   v
Introduction by MIHAILO MARKOVIĆ / Praxis: Critical Social Philosophy in Yugoslavia   xi
Acknowledgements   xxxvii
MIHAILO MARKOVIĆ / Dialectic Today   3
MILAN KANGRGA / The Meaning of Marx’s Philosophy   45
SVETOZAR STOJANOVIĆ / A Tension in Historical Materialism   63
VOJIN MILIĆ / Some One-Sided Conceptions of Social Determinism   81
JOVAN ARANDJELOVIĆ / Historical Science and the Philosophy of History   89
MIHAILO DJURIĆ / Homo Politicus   101
ANDRIJA KREŠIĆ / Political Dictatorship: The Conflict of Politics and Society   121
DANKO GRLIĆ / Revolution and Terror   139
GAJO PETROVIĆ / The Philosophical Concept of Revolution   151
ZAGORKA GOLUBOVIĆ / Culture as a Bridge Between Utopia and Reality   167
MILADIN ŽIVOTIĆ / Between Two Types of Modern Culture   187
DJURO ŠUŠNJIĆ / Ideas and Life   199
BRANKO BOŠNJAK / The Withering Away of Religion in Socialism   209
DOBRICA ĆOSIĆ / Culture and Revolution   217
PREDRAG VRANICKI / Theoretical Foundations for the Idea of Self-Management   229
RUDI SUPEK / Some Contradictions and Insufficiencies of Yugoslav Self-Managing Socialism   249
VELJKO RUS / Institutionalization of the Revolutionary Movement   273
LJUBOMIR TADIĆ / Bureaucracy — Reified Organization   289
DRAGOLJUB MIĆUNOVIĆ / Bureaucracy and Public Communication   303
SRDJAN VRCAN / Social Equality and Inequality in the Bourgeois World and in Socialism   317
IVAN KUVAĆIĆ / Middle Class Ideology   333
ANTUN ŽVAN / Ecstasy and Hangover of a Revolution   357
Appendix I — Table of Contents to the Published Issues of Praxis International Edition 1965-1974   371
Appendix II — Cumulative Author Index to the Published Issues of Praxis International Edition 1965-1974   385
Notes on Contributors by Gajo Petrović   389
Bibliographical Details of the Essays appearing in this Volume   399

Index of Names


SOURCE: Praxis: Yugoslav Essays in the Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences, translated by Joan Coddington, David Rougé, [et al.]; edited by Mihailo Marković and Gajo Petrović. Dordrecht, Holland; Boston: D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1979. (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science; v. 36, Synthese Library; v. 134) Selections from the Praxis Jugoslavensko izdanje 1965-1974 by the Praxis group. Table of contents, ix-x.

Contributors: Mihailo Marković, Gajo Petrović, Joan Coddington, David Rougé, Milan Kangrga, Svetozar Stojanović, Vojin Milić, Jovan Arandjelović, Mihailo Djurić, Andrija Krešić, Danko Grlić, Zagorka Golubović, Miladin Životić, Djuro Šušnjić, Branko Bošnjak, Dobrica Ćosić, Predrag Vranicki, Rudi Supek, Veljko Rus, Ljubomir Tadić, Dragoljub Mićunović, Srdjan Vrcan, Ivan Kuvaćić, Antun Žvan.

See also offsite:

Marković, Mihailo. “The Social Role of a University Professor,” May 6, 1968. Paper presented at the 12th International Seminar, “University Today,” Dubrovnik, July 20-30, 1967. Published by Canadian Union of Students / Union canadienne des étudiants (Ottawa).

Marxist Humanism and Praxis, edited, with translations, by Gerson S. Sher

Tolerance and Revolution: A Marxist-non-Marxist Humanist Dialogue,
edited by Paul Kurtz and Svetozar Stojanović

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Dialectical Theory of Meaning: Part One (Extracts) by Mihailo Marković

Dialectical Theory of Meaning: Part Two: Linguistic Meaning (Extract) by Mihailo Marković

Dialectical Theory of Meaning: Part Three:
General Definition of Meaning: The Interrelationships of the Individual Dimensions of Meaning

by Mihailo Marković

Human Nature and Present Day Possibilities of Social Development
by Mihailo Marković

Participation, Bureaucracy, and the Limits of Tolerance:
Concluding Dialogue with Paul Kurtz, Mihailo Marković, J. P. Van Praag, Niculae Bellu

“Does Humanism Have an Ethic of Responsibility?”:
Comments by Kai Nielsen & Mihailo Marković, & Responses by Paul Kurtz

Historical Praxis as the Ground of Morality
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