Neo-Kantianism, Its History, Influence, and Relation to Socialism:
Selected Secondary Bibliography

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

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Internet Reference Sources

Neo-Kantianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Society for Neo-Kantianism (blog).

A Dictionary of Marxist Thought, 2nd. ed., T. B. Bottomore et al .
See “Kantianism and Neo-Kantianism”.

A Marx Bibliography (Andrew Chitty).
Covers Marx’s relation to Kant, others’ relations to Kant & (Neo-)Kantianism.

Note: Lange and Plekhanov do not fall under the category of secondary sources. As this history intersects the history of German Social Democracy and Austro-Marxism, additional bibliographies covering Second International Marxism are warranted. See my Second International Marxism, German Social Democracy, Austro-Marxism: Selected Secondary Bibliography. Also forthcoming is a selected bibliography of works by the primary Neo-Kantians and their precursors.

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