The Young Hegelians:
Selected Bibliography

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

The Young Hegelians

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Bruno Bauer (1809-1882)

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Bauer's works in German and some related texts also in English can be found at

Bruno Bauer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edgar Bauer (1820-1886)

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See also The Young Hegelians: An Anthology and The Philosophical Forum, Volume VIII, Nos. 2-3-4, below.

Arnold Ruge (1802-1880)

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Max Stirner (1806-1856)

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Max Stirner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

See also the Max Stirner sections of The Union of Egoists (with Criticism), the old Non Serviam & the old Egoist Archive sites (with links to the other Young Hegelians); Max Stirner web site; LSR project; Max-Stirner-Archiv Leipzig. Texts by and about Stirner can be found in The Anarchist Library.

Moses Hess (1812-1875)

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See also the Moses Hess Archive.

Karl Schmidt (1819-1864)

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Strauss, David Friedrich (1808-1874)

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Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)

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Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872)

See my Ludwig Feuerbach: A Bibliography.

Note: This and my separate Feuerbach bibliography aim for comprehensivity viz. monographs in English. Works by Marx and Engels are de-emphasized, as are works concerning the development of their thought. Strauss and Heine are included as precursors. Bakunin is usually not counted among this cohort, but his philosophical views bear a relationship to theirs, especially to Feuerbach.

Some of the essays listed below and others relating to Max Stirner and other Young Hegelians can be found at The Union of Egoists (with Criticism), the old Non Serviam & the old Egoist Archive.

The Young Hegelians: An Anthology
Edited by Lawrence S. Stepelevich


Preface page ix
Introduction 1

I David Friedrich Strauss 17
The Life of Jesus (1835) 21

II August von Cieszkowski 53
Prolegomena to Historiosophie (1838) 57

III Ludwig Feuerbach 91
Towards a Critique of Hegelian Philosophy (1839) 95
The Essence of Christianity (1841) 129

Provisional Theses for the Reformation of Philosophy
(1843) 156

IV Bruno Bauer 173
The Trumpet of the Last Judgement over Hegel (1841) 177
The Jewish Problem
(1843) 187
The Genus and the Crowd (1844) 198

V Arnold Ruge 207
Hegel’s “Philosophy of Right” and the Politics of our
(1842) 211
A Self-critique of Liberalism (1843) 237

VI Edgar Bauer 261
The Struggle of Critique with Church and State (1844) 265

VII Friedrich Engels 275
Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy (1843) 278

VIII Karl Marx 303
Letter to Ruge (1843) 307

A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s “Philosophy of
(1843) 310

IX Max Stirner 323
Art and Religion (1842) 327
The Ego and His Own (1844) 335

 X Moses Hess 355
The Recent Philosophers (1845) 359

XI Karl Schmidt 377
The Realm of the Understanding and the Individual
(1846) 381 

A bibliography of general studies: 1930 to the present 411
[Note: An earlier version of this bibliography (1976) can be found online.]

The Philosophical Forum: A Quarterly

a philosophical quarterly published with the cooperation of the
Department of Philosophy of Boston University

VOLUME VIII, Nos. 2-3-4 

Special Guest Co-Editor for
this issue:


Editors’ Note 1

The First Hegelians: An Introduction, Lawrence S. Stepelevich 6

My Starting Point in Philosophy. (Outline for an Introduction to
  the Complete Works, 1845/46.),
Ludwig Feuerbach 24

Loyalty Oaths, Ludwig Feuerbach 28

The Contradictory Nature of Feuerbachian Humanism, Fredrick
  M.Gordon 31

Letter to Bertha, Ludwig Feuerbach 48

The Debate Between Feuerbach and Stirner: An Introduction,
  Fredrick M. Gordon 52

Stirner's Critics, Max Stirner 66

"The Essence of Christianity in Relation to The Ego and Its Own";
   Ludwig Feuerbach 81

Bruno Bauer's Critical Theory, Hans-Martin Sass 92

On Strategy, October 1848, Bruno Bauer 121

The Genus and the Crowd, Bruno Bauer 126

The Capacity of Present Day Jews and Christians to Become Free,
Bruno Bauer 135

The Ugly Marx: Analysis of an "Outspoken Anti-Semite", Helmut
Hirsch 150

Letter out of Custody at Fortress Magdeburg, 1847, Edgar Bauer 163

On Stirner and Szeliga, 1882, Edgar Bauer 167

Concerning Marx’s Epistemological Break, Henri Arvon 173

New Grounds for Revolution, The Early Marx in a Lukácsian
Perspective, Andrew Feenberg 186

 Two Appendices to a Doctoral Dissertation: Some Light on the
Origin of Karl Marx's Dissociation from Bruno Bauer and the
Young Hegelians, L. Baronovitch 219

 The Concept of Revolution in Marx’s Dissertation (The Non-
Hegelian Origin of Karl Marx’s Early Concept of Dialectics),
Hans-Martin Sass 241

Alienation as Heteronomy, Andrew Levine 256

Activism and Scientism in the Interpretation of Karl Marx’s First
and Third Theses on Feuerbach, Dan Goldstick and Frank
Cunningham 269

Marx’s Theses on Feuerbach: From Real Humanism to Real
L. Baronovitch 288

The Attitude of Hess to French Socialism and His Plans for
Publishing a Series of Socialist Writings with Marx and Engels,
Zvi Rosen 310

 Bibliography of English Translations of the Works of the Left
Hegelians 323


copyright © 1978 by The Philosophical Forum Inc.

[Note: this issue can be ordered from The Philosophical Forum]

(10/25/2001; rev. 5/12/2002, 8/21/2002, 9/8/2002, 3/19/2003, 8/24/2004, 8/13/06, 1/8/08, 6/10/08, 9/10/08. 9/25/08, 3/3/09, 3/29/10, 7/5/10, 9/23/10, 1/7/11, 5/9/11, 2/4/12, 11/29/14, 3/30/15, 3/6/19, 11/17/19, 11/30/19, 2/7/21, 1/22/22, 4/23-4/24/22, 5/15/22, 7/20/22/ 7/23/2022, 8/5/22, 9/17/23, 2/6/24)

Bruno Bauer on Christianity, Alienation, and the Dialectics of Religious Consciousness

Karl Marx on the Hegelian automaton: mechanism = teleology

Letter to Ludwig Feuerbach from Ottilie Assing about Frederick Douglass

Home of Frederick Douglass, Cedar Hill, Washington, DC: Library:
Busts of David Friedrich Strauss & Ludwig Feuerbach

Sigmund Freud on Franz Brentano (& other philosophers)

Friedrich Ludwig Lindner, The Absolute Boot
reviewed by R. Dumain

Ludwig Feuerbach: A Bibliography

Heinrich Heine: Selected Bibliography

Heinrich Heine on Leibniz & Spinoza

Heinrich Heine on Spinoza and Our Lenses

Heinrich Heine on German Romantic Orientalism

From Hegel to Marcuse
by Lucio Colletti

M. Bakunin on Materialism and Idealism

God or Labor: The Two Camps
by M. Bakunin

El Dio kaj la Ŝtato de Bakunin,
Esperanto translation by R. Dumain

Natural Order and the 'Divine Legislator' (according to Bakunin)
by Paul McLaughlin

Negation: Bakunin and Bauer
by Paul McLaughlin

Bakunin and Feuerbach: On Religion, Philosophy, & Naturalism
by Paul McLaughlin

Philosophy of Early German Romanticism,
the Oriental Renaissance, and the Historiography of Philosophy:
An Introductory Bibliography

Marx, Literature, and the Arts: Select Bibliography

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