Reason, Universality, and History: Standpoints on the European Intellectual Tradition

Edited by Manfred Buhr and Douglas Moggach 

New York; Ottawa; Toronto: Legas, 2004

ISBN-1-894508-65-3    $29.95

This collection of essays, by prominent philosophers from ten countries, offers critical perspectives on contemporary European culture, processes of political and economic unification, and historical ideals of emancipation, unity, and reason. The interrogation begins with the Greeks, but focuses particularly on the modern period, examining philosophical and historical dimensions of European unity and diversity, and specific regional variants (including Scandinavian, Spanish, and Portuguese).

Several of the contributors to this volume here appear in English for the first time.


José Barata-Moura, Manfred Buhr, Eduardo Chitas, Jacques D’Hondt, Jindrich Filipec, Michael W. Fischer, András Gedö, Wolf-Dieter Gudopp von Behm, Joachim C. Horn, Marco Ivaldo, Reinhard Lauth, Eugénio Lisboa, Jacob Emmanuel Mabe, Juha Manninen, Douglas Moggach, Quintín Racionero Carmona, Concha Roldán, Arnold Schölzel, Xavier Tilliette.

Table of Contents

Preface   7

Part 1: Reason, Universality, and
   Contemporary European Culture

  Manfred Buhr

  The Courage to Reason   11


  Jacques D’Hondt

  Philosophy at the Starting Point of Europe   19


  Joachim C. Horn


  Three Focal Points of European Culture   27


  Reinhard Lauth

  On the Present World Historical Situation

  in Light of Transcendental Cognition   33


  Marco Ivaldo

  Levels of Ethical Practice.

  Reflections in Light of Fichte’s Transcendental Philosophy   41


  Jindrich Filipec

  Contradictions in the European Spiritual Heritage and

  Controversies over its Implementation in the World Today   49


  Michael Fischer

  Everyday Fundamentalism:

  Spiritual Remainders on the Market of Entertainment‑Culture   61


  José Barata‑Moura

  Universalism: In Search of Concrete Reason   71


  Eduardo Chitas

  Five Theses on the Europe of the Mind   77


  Eugénio Lisboa

  To be universal or to be national?   85


  Jacob E. Mabe

  African Philosophy and the Conflict between

  Eurocentrism and Afrocentrism   89

Part II: Reason and Universality in Historical Perspective

  Quintín Racionero

  The Controversy over Nation and Empire.

  A Case Study: The Reaction of the Spanish Intelligentsia

  to the Flemish Revolution (1560‑1648)   101


  Concha Roldán

  Leibniz' Concept of Europe

  Between Nationalism and Universalism   147


  Juha Manninen

  Travelling to a Fountain of the Enlightenment   163


  Arnold Schölzel

  The Social Question in the European Philosophical Tradition 173


  Douglas Moggach

  Conceptions of Intersubjectivity

  in the European Intellectual Tradition 179


  Wolf-Dieter Gudopp-von Behm

  The Right of Modernity and Forms of its Denial 199


  Jacques D’Hondt

  The Europe of Utopias 211


  Xavier Tilliette

  Do We Need More of Europe? 219


  Andras Gedö

  Rationality, History, Philosophy:

  On the Origins of the Concept of Post‑History   225


  The Contributors: Principal Publications   241

András Gedö on Rationality, History, Philosophy, and Post-History reviewed by R. Dumain

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