The Mind in Chains:
Socialism and the Cultural Revolution

Edited by C. Day Lewis


Introduction / C. Day Lewis 11

Education / Rex Warner 19

A Marxist Interpretation of Literature / Edward Upward 39

Edward Upward on James Joyce & Modernism

The Film Industry / Arthur Calder-Marshall 57

The Theatre / Barbara Nixon 81

Art Under Capitalism and Socialism / Anthony Blunt 103

Music / Alan Bush 123

Press, Radio, and Social Consciousness / Charles Madge 145

Psychology and Marxism / Alistair Browne 165

Science and Civilisation / J. D. Bernal, F.R.S. 185

Communism, Religion, and Morals / T. A. Jackson 205

Culture, Progress, and English Tradition / Edgell Rickword 235

Edgell Rickword on James Joyce & Modernism

SOURCE: Day-Lewis, C. (Cecil), ed. The Mind in Chains: Socialism and the Cultural Revolution. London: Frederick Muller Ltd., 1937. 256 pp. Contents, pp. 9-10.

La duobla vizio
[“The Double Vision” in Esperanto]
de C. Day Lewis, trad. William Auld

British Marxism in Philosophy, Science, and Culture Before the New Left:
Essential Historical Surveys

Marx and Marxism Web Guide


Hungarians in Babel :: Day Lewis, Cecil: The Double Vision
(English original with Hungarian translation)

La virino sola
de C. Day Lewis, trad. William Auld

Cecil Day-Lewis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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