The Autodidact Project Presents . . .

Emanuel Fried

March 1, 1913 - February 25, 2011

In Memoriam


Labor Organizer

Distinguished Citizen
Buffalo, New York

"Symbol of the Left who must be broken" — FBI

"The most dangerous man in Western New York"
— Member of Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, Catholic Priest

From Red-Baiting to Blacklisting: The Labor Plays of Manny Fried
by Barry B. Witham

Caring for Red: A Daughter’s Memoir by Mindy Fried

Manny Fried Tribute Event, Buffalo, NY, 23 May 2011

Most Dangerous Man: A Personal Memoir by Emanuel Fried published!

Manny Fried's Boilermakers & Martinis now available on DVD

Documents in this Archive:

Emanuel ("Manny") Fried Fact Sheet
Letter from Albert Einstein
"Leslie Fiedler and Me" by Emanuel Fried
"The Slowdown" by Emanuel Fried
"Interview with Manny Fried" by Mack Mahoney
"Buffalo's Manny Fried: Laboring For The Working Man" by Jamie Moses
Artie Awards Honor Playwright Manny Fried

Pardon Me, Your Class Is Showing, PhD dissertation by Emanuel Fried
Preface: A Letter to Dr. Leslie A. Fiedler, July 17, 1974
Pardon Me, Your Class Is Showing (Chapter 1)
"Candle in the Wind": Excerpt from Memoir in Progress
Manny Fried at a Crossroads (Excerpt from Memoir)

"Shuffle Back to Buffalo" by Emanuel Fried
The Dodo Bird (Excerpt) by Emanuel Fried

Bush’s Underlying Intention by Emanuel Fried
Democratic Leaders Are at a Fork in the Road by Emanuel Fried

Review of Manny's Boilermakers & Martinis by Anthony Chase

Laboristoj kiuj luktis: Laboristoj mortis: Nekrologo pri Manny Fried
[Workers who struggled: Workers died: Obituary for Manny Fried (in Esperanto)]
de/by Ralph Dumain
with sound file “Laboristo mortis” (4:28 min.)

Emanuel “Manny” Fried (1913-2011): Heroo de la Laborista Klaso
[Hero of the Working Class] (in Esperanto)
de/by Ralph Dumain

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Please contact Mindy Fried to obtain permission to produce Manny Fried’s plays @
Please contact Mindy Fried for all business related to Manny. Thank you.

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