Speaking My Mind

Juan Chi (210-263)

When thirteen or fourteen, with high aspiration

I took delight in studying classics.

My plain clothes covered a heart of jade.

In morals I emulated Yan and Min*.

I looked from the window in all directions;

I climbed up mountains to greet what I expected.

Tombs and mounds on the hills,

Ten thousand ages passed in a single moment,

A thousand autumns, ten thousand days passed.

A glorious name is of no worth.

I occupy myself with the study of great books,

And now I laugh at my past folly.


* Yan and Min were two well-known disciples of Confucius, who were
poor but highly praised for their virtue

Drinkema kaj Frenezuma Filozofo Ĵŭan Ĝji de Hoŭ Ĝjŭeljang
(in Esperanto)

Ruan Ji / Juan Chi: Selected Bibliography

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