To Charles Chaplin

The well you invite us to drink of
is one that no drop may be bought of.
You think of what all of us think of
but nobody else could have thought of.

SOURCE: Hein, Piet. “The Common Well” (To Charles Chaplin), in Grooks 4, with the assistance of Jens Arup (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1972), p. 6.

"Circumscripture" by Piet Hein

"Missing Link" by Piet Hein

The Tramp Speaks! The Most Important Moment in the History of Film: The Final Speech of The Great Dictator (1940)
by Charles Chaplin

On Charlie Chaplin by Henri Lefebvre

La plej ĉarma flago” de Piet Hein, tradukis Poul Thorsen

Gruk de Piet Hein, trad. Poul Thorsen


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Recenzo: Gruk de Kumbel (Piet Hein), eldanigita de Poul Thorsen

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