Religion in the World Today

M. Mchedlov

Translated from the Russian by Natalia Belskaya and Felix Kholmogortsev

Designed by Vadim Kuleshov

[Russian publication], 1982

English translation @Progress Publishers 1987

Printed in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


Introduction     5

Chapter I  Religious Ideology and Modern Mass Movements  

Instances of Traditional Intermixing of Religion and Politics   15
Impact of Mass Religious Consciousness Upon the Ideology and Policies of the Church                         38
On the Causes of Increased Activity of the Church in Different Parts of the World    65
Chapter II  Modern Clericalism: Ideology and Politics    76
Features of Clerical Anti‑Communism 76
Islam and Judaism in Reactionary Politics  91
The Alliance of Right‑Wing Clericals and Imperialist Reaction 101
Chapter III  Religious Philosophy and Sociology: the Old and the New 108
Features of Modernist Trends in Theological Systems   108
Trends That Do Not Affect the Foundations of the Official Social Doctrine 130
Chapter IV  Democratic Ideas in Mystical Guise      153
Stratification Within Modern Religious Organizations: Causes and Consequences 154
On the Dialectics of Democratic Movements and Their Ideologies 172
Lenin's Principle of the Unity of Marxists and Working-Class Believers in the Campaign for Social Progress 183
Peace Action and Cooperation of All People of Goodwill 198
Chapter V  The Humanism of Scientific Outlook and the Democratic Means of Shaping It   207
Apropos the Issue of the Attitude of Socialist Society to Religion and Believers 207
Democratic, Scientific Means of Combating Religious Ideology     214

SOURCE: Mchedlov, M[iran Petrovich]. Religion in the World Today. Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1987. 237 pp.

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