Marx to Joseph Dietzgen
in Petersburg, 9 May 1868

[London, 9 May 1868]

... When I have cast off the burden of political economy, I shall write a ‘Dialectic’. The true laws of dialectics are already contained in Hegel, though in a mystical form. What is needed is to strip away this form...

First published in Der Volksstaat, Nr. 3, 9 January 1876. Printed according to the newspaper. Published in English for the first time.

SOURCE: Marx, Karl. Letter: Marx to Joseph Dietzgen in Petersburg; London, 9 May 1868; in Marx Engels Collected Works, Volume 43: Marx & Engels 1868-70: Letters: April 1868 - July 1870 (New York: International Publishers, 1975), p. 31. Title references note [53], which appears at the end of the volume.

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