The Crisis of Modernity:
Essays and Observations from the 1968 Era

Karel Kosík


Preface to the American Edition ix
Acknowledgments xi
Editor’s Introduction 1
Chapter 1            Reason and Conscience 13
Chapter 2            Our Current Crisis 17
Chapter 3            Socialism and the Crisis of Modern Man 53
Chapter 4            The Dialectics of Morality and the Morality of Dialectics 63
Chapter 5            Hašek and Kafka, or, the World of the Grotesque 77
Chapter 6            Švejk and Bugulma, or, The Birth of Great Humor 87
Chapter 7            The Irreplaceable Nature of Modem Culture 101
Chapter 8            Culture Against Nihilism 103
Chapter 9            Three Observations on Machiavelli 105
Chapter 10          Illusions and Realism 109
Chapter 11          The Weight of Words 113
Chapter 12          Neruda’s Enigma 117
Chapter 13          The Individual and History 123
Chapter 14          On the Czech Question 135
Chapter 15          The Nation and Humanism 137
Chapter 16          On Censorship and Ideology 143
Chapter 17          What Is Central Europe? 147
Chapter 18          “Two Thousand Words” and Hysteria 181
Chapter 19          On Laughter 183
Chapter 20          Havliček’s Principles of Democracy 199
Chapter 21          The European Left 203
Chapter 22          The Blindness of Sheer Faith 205
Chapter 23          Intellectuals and Workers 207
Chapter 24          A Word of Caution on Workers’ Councils 209
Chapter 25          The Only Chance—An Alliance with the People 211
Notes 217
Select Bibliography 231
Index 235
About the Editor 239

SOURCE: Kosík, Karel (1926-2003). The Crisis of Modernity: Essays and Observations from the 1968 Era, edited by James H. Satterwhite. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 1995. xi, 239 pp.  Contents: pp. vii- viii.

Note: On Hašek and Kafka, inter alia with respect to Kosík, see also:

Steiner, Peter. The Deserts of Bohemia: Czech Fiction and Its Social Context. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2000. See esp. chapter 1: “Tropos Kynikos: The Good Soldier Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek,” pp. 25-68.

And see:

Karl Kosík and the Dialectics of the Concrete, edited by Joseph Grim Feinberg, Ivan Landa, Jan Mervart. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2021. (Historical Materialism Book Series; 243)

Reviewed by Isabel Jacobs, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, 4 September 22.

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Dialectics of the Concrete: A Study on Problems of Man and World
by Karel Kosík
[editorial preface & chapter 1]

Letter: Herbert Marcuse to Kosik, March 22, 1963
(trans. Charles Reitz)

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