by Ralph Dumain

Your elegance is a forgotten piano bar
in which we sway nostalgically.
A suspension bridge seen through the window
spans the night while your eyes sparkle.

Something tears in me; your head bobs above
a glass of wine; your dress is fine; my thoughts
drift to uncertainties -- will you read them
and then nod to me? Your elegance

is the cobbled pavement and the street lamp
glowing from where we stand to way across
the river: it is poignant. Suddenly
I can't make conversation; I stutter,
shrug my shoulders; my eyes are waiting.

Your elegance is not easy to face
directly. I only hope your smile
will be that crescent moon blessing
the bridge and making the steel sigh
in relief.

[5 September 1992]

(c) 1992, 2000 Ralph Dumain

(Uploaded 15 September 2000)

Ralph Dumain

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