In memoriam:

Lisa Rogers

(25 August 1961 - 15 September 1996)

Evolutionary biologist, environmentalist, feminist and gay rights activist, clothes designer, folk dancer, insatiable learner, woman of great sensitivity, friend.

Lisa died suddenly, unexpectedly, and according to a news report that appeared some years later, unnecessarily, 15 years ago today, exactly three weeks after her 35th birthday—a life of great potential cut short in its prime.

Lisa was studying the behavior patterns of foraging societies, economics, and Marxist philosophy in the months before her death, not to mention engaging in her other interests and activities. She had much to look forward to and a lifetime of accomplishment ahead of her, but alas . . .

Lisa, you will not be forgotten.

In Memoriam: Lisa Rogers (25 August 1961 - 15 September 1996)
(on Lisa’s 50th birthday)

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