Books read to 1984: transcribed book lists

by Ralph Dumain

Note: This cannot be a complete record of my childhood book reading, as I started buying books from the time I learned to read. The first books I acquired were all science books for children, on astronomy, the planets, chemistry, and my other favorite sciences. (I believe many of the titles were The How and Why Wonder Book of ______. I also subscribed to the magazine Highlights for Children, which was where I learned Galileo’s birthday, which I’ve celebrated ever since.) Then I got into science fiction, and I read most of the 13 original James Bond books in the summer of 1964. (I remember bringing them with me to summer camp, didn’t take me more than a day or two to read each one.) I also collected comic books and Mad Magazine. All this before the autumn of 1965, before this list begins.

Some of the lists are probably not complete for the relevant time period, especially the short lists. I was always a compulsive reader. Some seasons are missing, particularly the first two summer seasons in this sequence (1965, 1966) and a whole year. Indications to the contrary, a few of these books must have been read for school, as I never would have touched them otherwise. Other books read for school are undoubtedly missing. I will add memories of other books not on the list and will focus on some of those listed here. Magazines, book chapters, pamphlets, etc., are generally not included, though there are a few items that are not really (published) books, including at least one doctoral dissertation.

I could not possibly have read some of the books listed here, as they are not books I am likely to or could have read straight through; chances are I skimmed or otherwise surveyed them. And who actually reads dictionaries, or most textbooks? There are others which I suppose I read but find it difficult to believe that I did, especially since I have no memory of some books or knowledge of some authors. There are a number of surprises here, including some of the dates. In any case, it will be evident what a straight-up nerd I was growing up. Though I would highly recommend some books, this is not a recommended reading list. As for the first couple of years listed below, I was a child, don’t judge me. Generally speaking, I would think that most people’s exposure to books outside of school is fairly random, and even the intellectually inclined not hemmed in by academic requirements hit a somewhat coherent stride only later in life.

The dates indicate the date I recorded as having finished reading the book. While I doubt that I actually read or read through some of these books, others I know I read at some time are missing. Some books appear here twice. Others I probably read twice or multiple times may only be listed once, and not necessarily the first reading. Some of the entries indicate what I was interested in at the time, others are random. Conversely, I remember having interests at various times that are not really represented here.

This list ends in 1984, with my permanent departure from Buffalo, New York.


Have Space Suit – Will Travel (Robert A. Heinlein)
The Secret of the Ninth Planet (Donald A. Wollheim)
Ten Great Mysteries by Edgar Allan Poe

AUTUMN 1965 – SPRING 1966

1. Goldfinger (Ian Fleming)
2. The Man From U.N.C.L.E: The Copenhagen Affair
3. Planetary Agent X (M. Reynolds)
4. Adventures in Black (A. Widder)
5. Diamonds Are Forever (Fleming)
6. Men, Martians, & Machines (E. F. Russell)
7. The Forgotten Door (A. Key)
8. The Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein (Heinlein)
9. Shock III (Richard Matheson)
10. Doppelganger (Heard)

AUTUMN 1966 – SPRING 1967 (outside of class)

1. Myths and Legends (Anne Terry White)
2. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (R. L. Stevenson)
3. Greek Myths (Coolidge)
4. The Odyssey (Homer)
5. Harnessing Space (Willy Ley)
6. Challengers of the Unknown (Fred Brewer)
7. A Journey to the Center of the Earth (Jules Verne)
8. The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects (Edward J. Ruppelt)
9. From the Earth to the Moon (Verne)
10. The Lost World (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
11. Mission to the Moon (Lester Del Ray)
12. Blueprint for Life: The Story of Modern Genetics (Julius Fast)
13. Burn After Reading (Ladislas Farago)
14. Adventures in Time and Space (Healy & McComas)
15. Master Spy (Prange)
16. Hiroshima (John Hersey)
17. Twelve Tales of Suspense and the Supernatural (D. Grubb)
18. Flying Saucers – Serious Business (F. Edwards)
19. Call of the Wild and Other Stories (Jack London)
20. Animal Farm (George Orwell)
21. Flying Saucers: Hoax or Reality? (L. J. Stanton)
22. From Cell to Test Tube (Chambers & Payne)
23. Bionics (V. Marteka)
24. Flying Saucers (C. E. Lorenzen)
25. Amazing Stories (Leinster et al)
26. Dune (Frank Herbert)
27. We Are Not Alone (W. Sullivan)
28. Inside the Flying Saucers (G. Adamski)
29. The Mouse on the Moon (L. Wibberley)
30. The Mask of Fu Manchu (S. Rohmer)
31. Shock! (R. Matheson)
32. The Invisible Government (Ross & Wise)
33. Strangest of All (F. Edwards)
34. The Floating Game (J. Garforth)
35. Anatomy of a Phenomenon (J. Vallee)
36. The Coming of the Spaceships (G. Gibbons)
37. The Challenge of the Universe (J. Allen Hynek)


The Gold-Bug [edition unknown] (Edgar Allan Poe)
The Door Into Summer (Robert A. Heinlein)
The Playboy Book of Science Fiction [1966]
Gulliver’s Travels (Jonathan Swift)
R.U.R. (Karel Čapek)
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (Mark Twain)
Exodus (Leon Uris)
Report from Iron Mountain [1967]
The Double Helix (Watson) [1968]

AUTUMN 1968 – SPRING 1969

1. Lord of the Rings (Tolkien)
2. Shogi (Leggett)
3. Topaz (Uris) [December: 1st book read on own in months]
4. The Hobbit (Tolkien)
5. The Stranger (Camus)
6. The Tolkien Relation (W. Ready)
7. Twelve Great Classics of Science Fiction (G. Conklin, ed.)
8. The Tower of Babel (M. L. West)
9. Smith of Wootton Major (Tolkien)
10. Graphic Work of M. C. Escher

11. The Scarlet Letter (Hawthorne)
12. Sir Isaac Newton (E. N. da C. Andrade)
13. Zamenhof, Creator of Esperanto (Boulton)
14. Tolkien and the Critics (Isaacs & Zimbardo, eds.)
15. The Prophet (K. Gibran)
16. A Treasury of Jewish Humor (N. Asabul)
17. Mathematical Recreations (M. Kraitchik)
18. Bridge of San Luis Rey (Wilder)
19. Men Like Gods (Wells)
20. Games Ancient and Oriental (Falkener)

21. Chess Variations (Gollon)
22. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Twain)
23. Candide (Voltaire)
24. The Unexpected Hanging (Gardner)
25. Challenge to Science (Vallee)
26. Chess, East and West, Past and Present
27. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
28. On Language (G. B. Shaw)
29. A Short History of Chess (Davidson)
30. Go and Go-Moku (Lasker)

31. Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury)
32. Harper’s English Grammar (Opdycke)
33. Go Game for Beginners (Kambayashi)
34. Marie Curie (Eve Curie)
35. Magic Square Numbers (King)
36. Mah Jong for Beginners (Konai & Farrell)
37. Board and Table Games (Bell)
38. An Introduction to the Phonetic Alphabet (Barrows)
39. History of Board Games Other Than Chess (Murray)
40. Mah Jong, Anyone? (Strauser & Evans)

41. Tale of Two Cities (Dickens)
42. Teach Yourself to Learn a Language (P. J. T. Glendening)
43. The 2nd Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions (M. Gardner)
44. The Odd Number (Guy de Maupassant)
45. Mathemagic (Heath)
46. The Poetic Pattern (Skelton)
47. Elements of General Phonetics (Abercrombie)
48. The Human Angle (William Tenn)
49. The Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions (M. Gardner)
50. The Wooden Star (Tenn)

51. The Prisoner (Thomas M. Disch)
52. Handbook of Simplified Spelling (Baine)
53. Phonetics (Carrell & Tiffany)
54. An Analysis of Human Sexual Response (R. & E. Brecher)
55. Teach Yourself French (Adams & Wilson)
56. Historical Outline of English Sounds and Inflections (S. Moore)
57. New Mathematical Diversions from Scientific American (M. Gardner)
58. A Short History of Chess (H. J. R. Murray)
59. Magic Squares and Cubes (Andrews)
60. Fantasia Mathematica (Fadiman)
61. Mathematical Magpie (Fadiman)

June 15, 1969


1. Interlingua-English Dictionary
2. One Language for the World (Mario Pei)
3. The Square Root of Man (Tenn)
4. International Language (Jespersen)
5. Universal Auxiliary Language Babm (Okamoto)
6. Shores of Space (Matheson)
7. Teach Yourself Poetry (Skelton)
8. Pidgin and Creole Languages (Hall)
9. Science, Numbers, and I (Asimov)
10. Basic English: International Second Language (Ogden)
11. Adding a Dimension (Asimov)
12. Esperanto, the World Interlanguage (Connor)
13. Esperanto, the Universal Language: The Student’s Complete Textbook (O’Connor)
14. Delphos, the Future of the International Language (Sylvia Pankhurst)
15. Shrinking Man (Matheson)
16. Abbott’s New Card Games (Abbot)
17. English Visible Speech in Twelve Lessons (Bell)
18. Eric Hoffer, An American Odyssey (C. Tomkins)
19. Anerca (Carpenter, ed.)
20. Alphabet of Ideas (Foster)

21. Realm of Algebra (Asimov)
22. Teaching English as an International Language (French)
23. Esperanto for Americans (Klukowksi)
24. Esperanto: Self-taught (Mann)
25. Talking Your Way Around the World (Pei)
26. Introduction to Esperanto (Dillinger)
27. A New Book of Patience Games (Ernest Bergholt)
28. Mathematical Games and Pastimes (Dormoryad) [Reading rate this summer: 1 book per day]
29. The Space Dreamers (Clarke)
30. Mariner Mission to Venus (Staff-JPL, Cal Tech)
31. Man Into Space (Martin Caidin)
32. Stories from The Twilight Zone (Serling)
33. Mariner IV to Mars (Ley)
34. Chinese Written Characters, Their Wit and Wisdom (Rose Quong)
35. More Stories from The Twilight Zone (Serling)
36. The Aleut Language (Geoghegan)
37. Global Alphabet (Owen)
38. Interlingua, a Grammar of the International Language (Gode & Blair)
39. The October Country (Bradbury)
40. Language and Machines: Computers in Translation and Linguistics

41. Language Today: A Survey of Current Linguistic Thought (Pei et al)
42. The Moon (Binder)
43. Crashing Suns (E. Hamilton)
44. Enjoy, Enjoy! (Golden)
45. The Language Book (Franklin Folsom)
46. Worlds in Collision (Velikovsky)

SEPTEMBER 3, 1969 – JUNE 1970

1. Poems from the Irish (Douglas Hyde)
2. Idiom in Speech II (Seredina)
3. The Miracle of Language (Laird)
4. Esperanto: A New Approach (Auld)
5. Language and Symbolic Systems (Yuen Ren Chao)
6. The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics (L. Turco)
7. Language and Myth (Cassirer)
8. Bored of the Rings (Harvard Lampoon)
9. Introduction to Handbook of American Indian Languages (Powell)
10. Runes (R. W. V. Elliot)
11. Casino Royale (Fleming)
12. The Curse of Tongues (Busk)
13. The Basque Language (Tovar)
14. Easy ABC Shorthand (R. Sargent)
15. Game Playing with Computers (Spencer)
16. Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science (Gardner)
17. The Meaning of Modern Poetry (John Clark Pratt)
18. Egyptian Language: Easy Lessons in Hieroglyphics (Budge)
19. A Concise History of the French Language (Fox & Wood)
20. Essential World English (L. Hogben)

21. Teach Yourself Esperanto (Cresswell and Hartley)
22. The World’s Living Languages (Muller)
23. Handwriting Analysis (Konfer)
24. Grooks (Hein)
25. Grooks 2 (Hein)
26. A Gamut of Games (Sackson)
27. Stranger in a Strange Land (Heinlein)
28. Universals of Language (Greenberg)
29. Negation in English and Other Languages (Jespersen)
30. What Is Calculus About? (Sawyer)

31. Planlingvaj Problemoj (Gilbert)
32. International Communication (Shenton, Sapir, Jespersen)
33. Language Learning
34. American, the New Pan-American Language (Charles Leo O’Connor) Buffalo, 1917
35. Human Values and Science, Art, and Mathematics (Lieber)
36. War With the Newts (Čapek)
37. Discourse on Method (Descartes)
38. Karlo (Privat)
39. Tao Te Ching
40. Esperanto, a Complete Grammar (I. K. Reed)

41. Mathematics Observed (Hans Freudenthal)
42. Word Rain, or a Discursive Introduction to the Philosophical Investigations (Madeline Gins)
43. An Attempt Towards an International Language (Dr. Esperanto, trans. Henry Phillips, Jr) 1889
44. Practical and Theoretical Esperanto (Dr. Max Talmey) 1906
45. Historio de la Mondolingvo (Drezen)
46. The Continental Rationalists (J. Collins)
47. Vivo de Zamenhof (Privat)
48. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (H. Green)
49. Goren’s Hoyle, Encyclopedia of Games
50. Space Flight: The Coming Exploration of the Universe (del Rey)

51. Okazas Nenio (Hougaard)
52. Of Men and Monsters (Tenn)
53. Revolution for the Hell of It (Hoffman)
54. ABC Shorthand (Brooks)
55. Gruk (Kumbel)
56. Ne Kiel Meier (Schwartz)
57. Ne Grimacu! (Ueyama Masao)
58. Dali / Miro (Walton)
59. Lingvaj Respondoj (Zamenhof)
60. Key to Interlingua

61. The Problems of Language Construction, Volume 1 (Dumain)
62. Japana Kvodlibeto
63. Ora Libro
64. The Prisoner #2 (D. McDaniel)
65. Lingvo Stilo Formo (Kalocsay)
66. Conversations with Dali (A. Bosquet)
67. The Adventure of Language (M. Girdansky)
68. A Short Synopsis of the Most Essential Points in Hawaiian Grammar (W. D. Alexander)
69. Casebook: Nymphomania (Morhaim)
70. Surrealism (P. Waldberg)

71. Humor, Horror, and the Supernatural (Saki)
72. A Stress Analysis of a Strapless Evening Gown (R. A. Baker, ed.)
73. Phonetics (Malmberg)
74. Quotations from Chairman LBJ
75. Burke’s Speech on Conciliation with the American Colonies (E. R. Clark, ed.)


1. Demian (Hesse) 6/23/70
2. The Prisoner #3 (Stine)
3. Diary of a Genius (Dali)
4. Princino de Marso (E. R. Burroughs, trad. K. R. C. Sturmer)
5. Rene Magritte (D. Sylvester)
6. Your Key to Successful Writing (L. Egri)
7. Rudiments of Music (Abbott)
8. The Parables of Peanuts (R. L. Short)
9. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Gesner)
10. Linguistics, a Revolution in Teaching (N. Postman & C. Weingartner)

11. Vojaĝo al Kazohinio (Szathmári)
12. Internacia Dialogaro (A. Kengott)
13. Okuloj (Boulton)
14. Tri Noveloj (Puŝkin, trad. Fisher)
15. Supernatural Horror in Literature (Lovecraft)
16. Woodcuts (Erkki Tanttu)
17. Ru Ro, Outline of Universal Language (Foster) 1913
18. Paŝoj al Plena Posedo (Auld)
19. The Wondrous Wizard of Id (Parker & Hart)
20. What’s It All About, Charlie Brown? (J. H. Loria)

21. The Mad Morality (V. Eller)
22. The Universal Language of 19xy (J. Adams)
23. Maŝinmondo (Szathmári)
24. Esperanto kaj Lernejo

SEPTEMBER 1970 – JUNE 1971

1. Haiku of Hawaii (A. S. Morrow) 9/26/70
2. The Use and Misuse of Language (Hayakawa)
3. Collected Poems (H. P. Lovecraft)
4. A Short Unit on General Semantics (L. Glorfeld)
5. Ora Duopo (Baghy & Kalocsay)
6. The Manhood of Humanity (Korzybski)
7. Directions in Psychlinguistics (S. Rosenberg)
8. Demon in My View (Henley)
9. African Folktales and Sculpture (Radin)
10. Language and Myth (Cassirer)

11. Jordi / Lisa and David (Rubin)
12. Language, Thought, and Reality (Whorf)
13. Symbol, Status, and Personality (Hayakawa)
14. The Spire (Golding)
15. Walden Two (Skinner)
16. Individuation: A Study of the Depth Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (J. Goldbrunner)
17. Brave New World (Huxley)
18. Four-Letter Word Games (Hartoga)
19. Life on Man (Rosebury)
20. BF Skinner: The Man and His Ideas (Evans)

21. Lingvo kaj Vivo (Waringhien)
22. Verbal Man: The Enchantment of Words (Johnson)
23. Opus 100 (Asimov)
24. La Infana Raso (Auld)
25. Perelandra (Lewis)
26. Gestalt Psychology (Kohler)
27. The Inheritors (Golding)
28. 95 Poems (Cummings)
29. Grooks 3 (Hein)
30. Fail-Safe (Burdick / Wheeler)

31. After Many a Summer Dies the Swan (Huxley)
32. Brave New World Revisited (Huxley)
33. 33 Rakontoj
34. Crome Yellow (Huxley)
35. The Human Zoo (Morris)
36. La Granda Aventuro (Szilágyi)
37. Aldous Huxley (Brooke)
38. Introduction to Many-Valued Logics (Ackerman)
39. Unufingraj Melodioj (Auld)
40. Looking Backward (Bellamy)

41. Zamyatin (Richards)
42. Point Counterpoint (Huxley)
43. Maskerado Ĉirkaŭ la Morto (Ŝvarc)
44. Sedge (H. J. Halle)
45. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (Reuben)
46. The Sirens of Titan (Vonnegut)
47. Dr. Heidenhoff’s Process (Bellamy)
48. Escape from Freedom (Fromm)
49. Siddartha (Hesse)
50. Poems (Nabokov)

51. The Waltz Invention (Nabokov)
52. Mortal Coils (Huxley)
53. Mistero Minora (Szilágyi)
54. Philosophy in the Bedroom (Marquis de Sade)
55. Looking Beyond (Yutang)
56. Pardonon! (Ueyama Masao)
57. The Key (Tanizaki)
58. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (McLuhan)
59. Vincent (Szathmári, trans. R. Dumain)
60. The Confidential Agent (Greene)

61. The Mouse on Wall Street (Wibberley)
62. Pri Arto kaj Morto (Miyamoto Masao)
63. Japanese Haiku (Bellenson, trans.)
64. The Peter Principle (Peter & Hull)
65. Confessions of a Captive Sybil (Kaye)
66. Those Barren Leaves (Huxley)
67. Modern Japanese Painting (Miyagawa)
68. The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays (Camus)
69. Slaughterhouse-Five (Vonnegut)
70. Magic, Science, and Religion (Malinowski)

71. The Silent Language (Hall)
72. Communications: The Transfer of Meaning (Fabun)
73. What Everyone Should Know About Semantics
74. Sense and Nonsense: a Study in Human Communication (A. Fleishman)
75. The Fall (Camus)
76. Magritte (Scutenaire)
77. The Lonely Crowd (Reisman)
78. The Art of Loving (Fromm)
79. The Oedipus Complex: Cross-Cultural Evidence (W. N. Stevens)
80. Inter Sudo kaj Nordo (Szilágyi)

81. Letters from the Earth (Twain)
82. The Owl in the Attic (Thurber)
83. The Stranger (Camus)
84. The Violent Gang (Yablonsky)
85. Arkaika Esperanto Arkaikam Esperantom (Halvelik)
86. Rene Magritte (Sylvester)
87. Ne Kiel Meier (Ŝvarc)
88. Essays (Francis Bacon)
89. Self-Realization and Self-Defeat (S. J. Warner)
90. The Peasants Are Revolting (Parker & Hart)

91. Parnasa Gvidlibro (Kalocsay/Waringhien/Bernard)
92. Specimene (Baupierre)
93. The New Atlantis (F. Bacon)
94. Utopia (More)
95. Vitralo (Francis)
96. Humoroj (Auld)
97. We (Zamiatin)
98. Catch-22 (Heller)
99. Dreamtigers (Borges)
100. Alice’s Restaurant (Herndon/Penn)


1. Diary of a Mad Old Man (Tanizaki)
2. The Seven Sexes (Tenn)
3. The Great Roob Revolution (Price)
4. The Physicist’s Conception of Nature (Heisenberg)
5. Surrealism: the Road to the Absolute (Balakian)
6. Unpopular Essays (Russell)
7. Star-Begotten (Wells)
8. Selected Poems (Bosquet)
9. Young Cherry Blossoms Secured Against Hares (Breton)
10. The Eight Sculptures of Magritte
11. Le Neant et Son Double (Ernst)
12. Oltre la Pittura (Ernst)
13. Pensees (Pascal)
14. Surrealism and the Literary Imagination (Caws)
15. Mother Night (Vonnegut)
16. Open Letter to Salvador Dali (Dali)
17. Klee
18. Dali
19. Vivo Vokas (Engholm)
20. The World of Marcel Duchamp 1887 – (Tomkins)
21. Welcome to the Monkey House (Vonnegut)
22. Max Ernst
23. Steppenwolf (Hesse)


Alpha: the Myths Of Creation [1963] (Charles H. Long) partially read winter/spring 1971, again circa 1976
Einstein: the Life and Times [1971] (Ronald W. Clark)
The Complete Writings of William Blake (edited by Geoffrey Keynes), acquired as gift 1971, read through over the next 2-3 decades

SEPTEMBER 1971 – MAY 1972

1. Selected Works of Alfred Jarry
2. Ends & Means (Huxley)
3. Ludwig Feuerbach and the Outcome of Classical German Philosophy (Engels)
4. An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding (Hume)
5. Headlong Hall (Peacock)
6. Paths to Jewish Belief (Fackenheim)
7. Don’t Look Back (Pennebaker)
8. Ubu Roi (Jarry)
9. 9th Annual Edition: The Year’s Best SF (Merril)
10. The Carpenter’s Hen & Other Tame Excercises (Updike)
11. The Philosophy of No (Bachelard)
12. Telephone Poles and Other Poems (Updike)
13. The Cloud of Unknowing
14. The World of Null-A (A. E. Van Vogt)
15. The Prince (Machiavelli)
16. Aristotle’s Theory of Being (Buchanan)
17. This Timeless Moment (Huxley)
18. The Philosophy of Aristotle (Allan)
19. The Troika Incident (James Cooke Brown)
20. Vojaĝo Inter la Tempoj (Kalocsay)

21. Of Time and Space and Other Things (Asimov)
22. Prologemena to Any Future Metaphysics (Kant)
23. Island (Huxley)
24. The Reality of God (Cassels)
25. What’s the Difference? (Cassels)

26. The Two Buddhist Books in Mahayana (Lee)
27. Mahayana Buddhism (Suzuki)
28. Man and Superman (Shaw)
29. Arms and the Man (Shaw)
30. The Book (Watts)
31. On the Way to Language (Heidegger)
32. Buddhism. Vol. 1. Hinayana (Ward)
33. The Philosophy of the 16th and 17th Centuries (Popkin)
34. Surrealist Art (Alexandrian)
35. Philosophic Problems of Nuclear Science (Heisenberg)
36. The History of Skepticism from Erasmus to Descartes (Popkin)
37. Philosophy – East and West (Moore)
38. The Book of Imaginary Beings (Borges)
39. Galileo Galilei (Bento de Jesus Caraça)
40. The Evolution of Physics (Einstein & Infeld)

41. The Russian Revolution and Marxism or Leninism (Luxemburg)
42. Galileo (Brecht)
43. Plays by George Bernard Shaw
44. The Tao of Science (Siu)
45. La Vendreda Klubo (Dietterle, ed.)
46. The Marquis de Sade (Lély)
47. 28 Science Fiction Stories of H. G. Wells
48. The Structure of Scientific Thought (Madden)
49. Cat’s Cradle (Vonnegut)
50. Franny & Zooey (Salinger)

51. The Catcher in the Rye (Salinger)
52. Beyond Freedom and Dignity (Skinner)
53. Interpopola Konduto (Privat)
54. The Great Comic Book Heroes (Feiffer)
55. Antic Hay (Huxley)
56. Labyrinths (Borges)
57. Nabokov’s Dozen
58. Adding a Dimension (Asimov)
59. The Eye (Nabokov)
60. Ferio kun la Morto (K. Lindquist)
61. View from a Height (Asimov) 4/24/72

Summer 1972 (4/30/72)

1. Gruk (Kumbel)
2. Maŝinmondo (Szathmári)
3. The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966 (Brautigan)
4. Aventuroj de Pioniro (Privat)
5. Kongresa Libro 1971
6. Zamenhof, Aŭtoro de Esperanto (Boulton)
7. In Watermelon Sugar (Brautigan)
8. The Pill vs. the Springhill Mine Disaster (Brautigan)
9. Operation Chaos (A. Anderson)
10. Trout Fishing in America (Brautigan)

11. Warszawa (Warsaw, 1964)
12. Escape From Freedom (Fromm)
13. La Dormanto Vekiĝas (Wells, trad. A. Frank Milward)
14. Vitralo (Francis)
15. The Doors of Perception (Huxley)
16. The City and the Stars (Clarke)
17. Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters & Seymour – An Introduction (Salinger)
18. Esprimoj de Sentoj en Esperanto (Privat)
19. Stoic Logic (Benson Mates)
20. A Profile of Mathematical Logic (H. Delong)

21. Proverbaro Esperanta (Zamnehof)
22. The Elements of Style (Strunk & White)
23. Other Inquisitions 1937-1952 (Borges)
24. The Gods Themselves (Asimov)
25. Retoriko (Lapenna)
36. A Short History of Chinese Philosophy (Fung)
27. Stranger in a Strange Land (Heinlein)
28. The Illustrated Man (Bradbury)
29. Man, Woman, and Nature (Watts)
30. The Development of the Logical Method in Ancient China (Hu Shi)

31. The Poetry of Dada and Surrealism: Aragon, Breton, Tzara, Eluard, and Desnos (Caws)
32. Chuang Tzu: Genius of the Absurd (Waltham)
33. Man and Time (Priestly)
34. Seven Japanese Tales (Tanizaki)
35. Brulanta Sekreto kaj Aliaj Rakontoj (S. Zweig, trad. Kathe & Paul Schwerin)
36. The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui way of Knowledge (Castaneda)
37. Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges (Richard Burgin)
38. The Aleph and Other Stories, 1933-1969 (Borges)
39. Religion in the Making (Whitehead)
40. China’s Cultural Tradition: What and Whither? (Bodde)

41. The Image of God in Creation (Charles Borromeo Muckenhirn)
42. New Essays in Philosophical Theology (Flew / MacIntyre)
43. How to Talk Dirty and Influence People (Lenny Bruce)
44. Kredo, Floroj, kaj Dinamito (Olsson)
45. Rommel Drives Deep into Egypt (Brautigan)
46. Childhood’s End (Clarke)
47. Winnie-the-Pooh (Milne)
48. The Dot and the Line (Juster)
49. From a Logical Point of View (Quine)
50. Winnie-La-Pu (Milne, trad. Reed & Lewin, ed. Tonkin)

51. When We Were Very Young (Milne)
52. The Last Temptation of Christ (Kazantzakis)
53. My View of the World (E. Schrödinger) 9/17/72
54. Chuang Tzu: Basic Writings (trans. B. Watson) 9/22/72
55. Mind and Matter (E. Schrödinger) 9/23
56. The Origins of Modern Science 1300-1800 (Butterfield) 9/26
57. Civilization and Its Discontents (Freud) 9/28
58. Why I Am Not a Christian (Russell) 9/29
59. Psychoanalysis and Religion (Fromm) 9/29
60. The Future of an Illusion (Freud) 10/3

61. Languages in Seventeeth and Early Eighteenth Century Imaginary Voyages (P. Cornelius) 10/4
62. Moses and Monotheism (Freud) 10/10
63. The Conquest of Happiness (Russell) 10/10
64. La Infana Raso (Auld) 10/22
65. The Life and Works of Evgenij Zamjatin (Shane) 10/24
66. Ŝercoj, Rakontoj (Benczik) 10/26
67. The Tao of Sex (Iŝihara & Levy) 10/29
68. Zamyatin, a Soviet Heretic (D. J. Richards) 11/6
69. Life Against Death: The Psychoanalytic Meaning of History (Norman O. Brown) 11/8
70. Sense and Nonsense of McLuhan (S. Finkelstein) 11/21

71. May Man Prevail? (Fromm) 12/7
72. The Book of Lev (Michael Steven Levinson) 12/19
73. God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (Vonnegut) 12/21
74. The Müller-Fokker Effect (Sladek) 12/27
75. The Pooh Perplex (Crews) 12/28


1. Primitive Man as Philosopher (Radin) 1/16/73
2. The Unexpected Hanging and Other Mathematical Diversions (Gardner) 1/18
3. A Confederate General from Big Sur (Brautigan) 1/24
4. Farnham’s Freehold (Heinlein) 1/29
5. Bored of the Rings 3/1
6. Kvin Filozofiaj Verkoj de Prezidento Maŭ
7. Revenge of the Lawn: Stories 1962-1970 (Brautigan)
8. Prologo (Miĥalski) 3/8
9. Fortoj de l’ Vivo (Setälä) 3/14
10. The Essential Lenny Bruce (ed. J. Cohen) 3/22
11. The Baha’i Fath: An Introduction (Faizi) 3/22
12. None Stories (Salinger) 3/24
13. Conquest of the Space Sea (R. M. Williams) 3/30
14. Grooks 4 (hein) 3/30
15. Fundamenta Krestomatio de la Lingvo Esperanto (L. L. Zamenhof), 5a eldono, (Paris: Hachette, 1907) 4/11
16. Specimene (Baupierre) 4/16
17. Esperanto, the World Interlanguage (Connor, Connor, Solzbaĉer, Kuo) 4/16
18. My Friend God (Dave Berg) 4/23
19. Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Bach) 4/29
20. A Child’s Garden of Grass (Margolis & Clorfene) 4/30

21. Letters from the Earth (Twain) 5/6
22. Meditations of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 5/9
23. The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys (Bahá’u’llah) 5/13
24. The Bedside Mad 5/21
25. The Brothers Mad 5/23
26. Utterly Mad 5/28


1. A Short Life of Mark Twain (Paine) 6/23/73
2. Okuloj (Boulton) 7/4
3. The Art of Loving (Fromm) 7/5
4. Pardonon! (Ueyama Masao) 7/7
5. Mathematics (Rapport & Wright, eds.) 7/11
6. Psychoanalysis and Religion (Fromm) 7/19
7. The Religious Speeches of Bernard Shaw (W. S. Smith, ed.) 7/23
8. From Outer Space (Menger) 7/25
9. The Book (Watts) 7/31
10. The Blue Star (Pratt) 8/6

11. The Graphic Work of M. C. Escher 8/9
12. Eros and Civilization (Marcuse) 8/16
13. Surrealist Art (Alexandrian) 8/19
14. Tolkien: A Look Behind The Lord of the Rings (Carter) 8/25
15. Jurgen (Cabell) 8/27
16. James Branch Cabell (Davis) 8/30
17. As I Remember It: Some Epilogues in Recollection (James Branch Cabell) 8/31
18. Grooks 5 (Hein) 9/1
19. The Esperanto Teacher (Stottard) 9/2
20. Thomas Paine (E. Sedgwick) 9/3

21. Mark Twain, an Introduction and Interpretation (Frank Baldanza) 9/5
22. The World as I See it (Einstein) 9/7
23. Does It Matter? (Watts) 9/7
24. Robespierre: The Force of Circumstance (J. L. Carr) 9/18
25. Left Luggage (Parkinson) 9/25
26. The Breast (Roth) 10/13
27. What Is Man? (Twain) 10/23
28. Understanding Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings (Ready) 10/15
29. Common Sense (Paine) 10/19
30. Man and Dolphin (Lilly) 10/30

31. Vivo de Zamenhof (Privat) 10/31
32. Winnie-La-Pu (Milne, trad. Reed & Lewin, ed. Tonkin) 11/4
33. Another Country (Baldwin) 11/7
34. Al Torento (Engholm) 11/9
35. Literature and Science (Huxley) 11/14
36. Nobody Knows My Name (Baldwin) 11/15
37. Esprimo de Sentoj en Esperanto (Privat) 11/17
38. Unufingraj Melodioj (Auld) 11/17
39. Posters of Protest and Revolution (M. Rickards) 11/20
40. Black Boy (Wright) 11/24

41. Some Prefer Nettles (Tanizaki) 12/4
42. Manifesto de la Sennaciistoj & Dokumento pri Sennaciismo (E. Lanti) 12/14
43. Sonĝe sub Pomarbo (Baghy) 12/14
44. Analiza Historio de la Esperanto-Movado (E. Drezen) 12/22
45. Pygmalion (Shaw) 12/26

BOOKS 1974

1. Ŝercoj, Rakontoj (Benczik) 1/4
2. The Rogue of Publisher’s Row (Uhlan) 1/10
3. Richard Brautigan (T. Malley) 1/20
4. Karl Marx (Lenin) 1/24
5. The Nightmare (Mihály Babits) 1/28
6. Literature and Revolution (Trotsky) 2/2
7. H. G. Wells: Journalism and Prophecy 1893-1946 (comp./ed. W. Warren Wagar (2/15)
8. Time Enough for Love (Heinlein) 2/26
9. The Golden Force 3/12
10. Manifesto de la Sennaciistoj & Dokumento pri Sennaciismo (E. Lanti) 3/19

11. Those Barren Leaves (Huxley) 4/1
12. The War Prayer (Twain) 4/1
13. Anthem (A. Rand) 4/3
14. Time Must Have a Stop (Huxley) 4/4
15. Island (Huxley) 4/8
16. Walden Two (B. F. Skinner) 4/10
17. The Conquest of Happiness (Russell) 4/11
18. You Shall Be as Gods (Fromm) 4/12
19. Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal (Rand) 4/24
20. Write Me In! (Dick Gregory) 4/25

21. The Essential Lenny Bruce (ed. J. Cohen) 4/30
22. Mark Twain, an Introduction and Interpretation (Frank Baldanza) 5/10
23. The War Prayer (Twain) 5/10
24. Inter Sudo kaj Nordo (Szilágyi) 5/12
25. Marat/Sade (Weiss) 5/13
26. My Life and Hard Times (Thurber) 5/19
27. Domnei (Cabell) 5/19
28. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Kesey) 5/24
29. Grooks 5 (Hein) 5/25
30. Eyeless in Gaza (Huxley) 5/30

31. Breakfast of Champions (Vonnegut) 6/9
32. La Tragedio de l’ Homo (Madách, trad. Kalocsay) 6/24
33. La Age of Reason, Part I (Paine) 6/27
34. Mr. Tot Aĉetas Mil Okulojn (Forge) 7/11
35. Ni kaj Ĝi (Waringhien) 8/5
36. La Reto (Bukar) 8/20
37. The Science of Dreams (E. Diamond) 8/30
38. La Homaranismo de D-ro L. L. Zamenhof (C. van Kleef, trad. C. Ribot) 9/9
39. Walden Two (B. F. Skinner) 9/19
40. A Walden Two Experiment (Kinkade) 9/23

41. Blues People (LeRoi Jones) 10/13
42. Fajro! Fajro! (R. Mackay) 10/20
43. Chaplin: Last of the Clowns (P. Tyler, 1948) 11/6
44. Black Talk (Ben Sidran) 11/14
45. Beyond Freedom and Dignity (Skinner) 11/25
46. Pinta Krajono (Rossetti) 12/10
47. Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music (Kofsky) 12/10
48. Human Nature and Conduct (Dewey) 12/13
49: Music: Black White and Blue (O. Walton) 12/14
50. Focus on Chaplin (D. McCaffrey) 12/15
51. Duonvoĉe (Maŭra) 12/22

BOOKS 1975

1. The Genius and the Goddess (Huxley) 3/15/75
2. Enkonduko en la Librosciencon de Esperanto (Haupenthal) 3/27
3. La Homaranismo de D-ro L. L. Zamenhof (C. van Kleef, trad. C. Ribot) 4/26
4. Zamenhof (E. Drezen) 5/4
5. Soul on Ice (Cleaver) 5/11
6. Vivo kaj Opinioj de Majstro M’Saud (Ribillard) 5/26
7. Saltego Trans Jarmiloj (Forge) 6/18
8. Black English: Its History and Usage in the United States (J. L. Dillard) 7/20
9. A Synthesis of Philosophy (Harold J. Dumain) 7/25
10. Bob Dylan (Scaduto) 8/5
11. Kruko kaj Baniko el Bervalo (Louis Beaucaire) 8/24
12. Libro de Amo (Peter Peneter, Georgo Peterido Peneter) 8/27
13. La Verda Raketo (Forge) 9/6
14. Disko (Johann Hammond Rosbach) 12/24

BOOKS: 1976

1. Noam Chomsky (John Lyons) 1/4
2. Abismoj (Jean Forge) 1/6
3. Who Needs the Negro? (Sidney M. Willhelm) 1/12
4. Woodstock Nation (Abbie Hoffman) 3/7
5. Alien Planet (Fletcher Pratt) 3/28
6. Bilingualism in the Americas: A Bibliography and Research Guide (Einar Haugen) 3/31
7. Virino ĉe la Landlimo (Boulton) 5/20
8. Kiel Akvo de l’ Rivero (Raymond Schwartz) 6/11
9. Theory and Measurement in Sociology (Chester Winton) 10/6
10. The Forest People (Colin M. Turnbull) 10/11
11. Return to Laughter (Elenore Smith Bowen)
12. Mumbo Jumbo (Ishmael Reed) 11/11
13. Arĉoj (Geraldo Mattos) 11/28
14. Urban Blues (11/30)
15. Faulhaber Rakontas … 12/7
16. Ideas and Data: The Process and Practice of Social Research (Sheldon R. Olson) 12/9
17. Bildolibro sen Bildoj (H. C. Anderson, trad. S. Lederer) 12/19
18. La Verda Kakatuo (Arturo Schnitzler, trad. Joh. Schröder) 12/21
19. The Call Girls (Arthur Koestler) 12/18

BOOKS 1977

1. Witches and Sorcerers (Arkon Daraul) 1/12
2. La Perdita Vizaĝo (Josef Nesvadba, trad. A Ŝtanura) 1/15
3. Approaching Sociology: A Critical Introduction (M. Coulson & C. Riddell) 1/27
4. Howl and Other Poems (Ginsberg) 1/28
5. White Ethnics: Life in Working-Class America (ed. Joseph Ryan) 1/31
6. Memorlibro pri la Zamenhof-Jaro (Ivo Lapenna, red.) 2/1
7. Hip Culture: 6 Essays on Its Revolutionary Potential 2/14
8. Education and the Rise of the Corporate State (3/23)
9. Minorities in Textbooks: A Study of Their Treatment in Social Studies Texts (Michael B. Kane) 3/27
10. Teaching as a Subversive Activity (Neil Postman & Charles Weingartner) 4/4
11. Marxist Perspectives in the Sociology of Education (Maurice Levitas) 5/4
12. The Human Nature Industry (Ward Connel & June Madden) 5/6
13. Communes in the Counterculture: Origins, Theories, Styles of Life (Keith Melville) 5/15
14. The Fall of America: Poems of These States 1965-1971 (Allen Ginsberg) 5/20
15. Gizela kaj Roberto: 5 Skeĉoj (Bukar) 6/5
16. Nokto de Timo kaj Aliaj Noveloj (Bertram Potts) 6/6
17. Kvara Rapsodio (red. F. Szilágyi) 6/6
18. Anni kaj Montmartre (R. Schwartz) 6/12
19. D-ro Dorner (H. L. Egerrup) 7/8
20. Karnavalo (Lina Gabrielli) 7/8

21. Bonhumoraj Rakontoj de Nuntempaj Verkistoj 8/1
22. Junaĝa Verkaro (Privat) 8/13
23. Kiel Ni Plibeligos la Vivon (Saĝulo) 8/19
24. El la Vivo de Bervala Sentaŭgulo (Louis Beaucaire) 9/19
25. Ogamisama Diras … 10/2
26. Pro Iŝtar (H. A. Luyken) 10/29
27. Manifesto de la Paco: Voko al Rekonsciiĝo (R. Zimmer & K. O. Schmidt, trad. A. Mosch) 11/6
28. Zen Buddhism and Pyschoanalysis (D. T. Suzuki, Erich Fromm, Richard D. Martino) 12/18
29. The Invisible College: What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered About UFO Influences on the Human Race (Jacques Vallee) 12/20
30. Yellow Submarine (Max Wilk) 12/21


1. Tragedio en la Universo (Ivo Rotkviĉ / La Junaj Astronomoj-Esperantistoj) 1/2/78
2. In My Soul I Am Free (Brad Steiger) 1/8
3. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (Tom Wolfe) 1/18
4. Futurism (Jane Rye)
5. Voodoo in New Orleans (Robert Tallant) 1/27
6. La Germana Inteligentularo kaj la Milito (N. A. Kabanov, trad. E Wüster & B. Maske) 1/29
7. Sekreta Informilo (Gaŭŝa) 1/29
8. Invit’ al Japanesko (Miyamoto Masao) 1/30
9. Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Richard Bach) 2/1
10. Thus Spake Zarathustra (Nietzsche; read in 2 translations) 2/13
11. Portrait of Jung: An Illustrated Biography (Gerhard Wehr, trans. W. A. Hargreaves) 2/15
12. The Need for Roots: Prelude to a Declaration of Duties Towards Mankind (Simone Weil) 2/20
13. C. G. Jung: His Myth in Our Time (Marie-Louise von Franz) 3/8
14. C. G. Jung, the Haunted Prophet (Paul J. Stern) 3/10
15. Freud, Jung, and Occultism (Nandor Fodor) 3/17

16. Language as a Human Problem (ed. Morton Bloomfield & Einar Haugen) 3/18
17. Pinta Krajono (Reto Rossetti) 4/13
18. Language Made Plain (Anthony Burgess) 5/9
19. Coltrane: A Biography (C. O. Simpkins, MD) 5/11
20. Chasin’ the Trane: the Music and Mystique of John Coltrane (J. C. Thomas) 5/15
21. Babel (Alan Burns) 5/21
22. American Primitive 5/29
23. The Tongues of Men and Speech (J. R. Firth) 5/31
24. Radical Sociology: An Introduction (ed. David Horowitz) 6/20
25. A Dying Colonialism (Franz Fanon) 6/20
26. Civilization in Transition (C. G. Jung) CW, vol. 10 (6/20)
27. The Anticipation of Nature (Rom Harré) 6/21
28. Essays on Contemporary Events (C. G. Jung) 6/22
29. Five-Odd (Groff Conklin, ed.) 6/28
30. Language, Law, and Diplomacy (Alexander Ostrower) vol. 1 6/30

31. Pri Varmokulturo (W. Winsch) 7/6
32. Huxley: A Biographical Introduction (Philip Thody) 7/8
33. Ego and Archetype (Edward F. Edinger) 7/9
34. Esperanto 60-jara: Skizo pri la Evoluo de la Lingvo Literatura (G. J. Degenkamp) 7/10
35. Ĉielarko (Julio Baghy) 7/16
36. The Glory of Hera: Greek Mythology and the Greek Family (Philip E. Slater) 8/14
37. War with the Newts (Karel Čapek) 8/18
38. In Search of the Primitive (Stanley Diamond) 8/20
39. The Unabashed Career Guide (Peter M. Sandman) 8/27
40. Monster: Poems (Robin Morgan) 9/6

41. Studies in Classic American Literature (D. H. Lawrence) 9/19
42. The Prophet Outcast: Trotsky 1929-1940. Vol. III. (Isaac Deutscher) 9/20
43. Kredu Min, Sinjorino! (Cezaro Rossetti) 9/30
44. Trotsky in Exile: A Play (Peter Weiss) 10/8
45. The Mass Psychology of Fascism (Wilhelm Reich, trans. Vincent R. Carfagno) 10/10
46. In Search of the Miraculous (P. D. Ouspensky) 10/12
47. Five Plays (Ed Bullins) 10/16
48. The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin (P. D. Ouspensky) 10/17
49. The End of the Road (John Barth) 10/18
50. Prologo (Eŭgeno Miĥalski) 10/20

51. House of Incest (Anais Nin) 10/21
52. D. H. Lawrence: An Unprofessional Study (Anais Nin) 10/22
53. Duonvoĉe (G. E. Maura) 10/28
54. Kroataj Poeziaĵoj kun literaturhistoria enkonduko de Mauro Spicer 10/29
55. Verdkata Testamento (Raymond Schwartz) 10/29
56. Ora Duopo (Baghy & Kalocsay, red. L. Kökeny) 11/5
57. Grooks 4 (Piet Hein) 11/6
58. Understanding Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings (William Ready) 11/7
59. Tolkien: A Look Behind The Lord of the Rings (Lin Carter) 11/9
60. Manifesto de la Sennaciistoj & Dokumento pri Sennaciismo (E. Lanti) 11/10
61. Bob Dylan (Anthony Scaduto) 11/15
62. Figures of Earth (James Branch Cabell) 11/17
63. Japana Kvodlibeto ( komp. Nakamura & Miyamoto Masao) 11/18
64. Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands (Jorge Amado) 11/26
65. Dreamtigers (Jorge Luis Borges) 11/27

66. Beyond Pyramid Power (G. Pat Flanagan) 11/?
67. Zamenhof, Creator of Esperanto (Boulton) 12/7
68. Anatomy of Film (Bernard F. Dick) 12/28
69. The Parables of Lina Wertmüller (Ernest Ferlita & John R. May (12/12)
70. The Undiscovered Self (C. G. Jung, trans. R.F.C. Hull) 12/15)

BOOKS 1979

1. Ideologies of Linguistic Relativity (Ferrucio Rossi-Landi) 1/?
2. Foreign-Language Study: Perspective and Prospect (Roger A. Billet) 1/30
3. Delta of Venus: Erotica (Anais Nin) 2/11
4. Medalionoj (Zofia Natkowska) 2/12
5. L’Espéranto (Janton) 2/12
6. Dali … Dali … Dali (text by Max Gérard, intro. P. Roumeguére) abridged ed. 2/12
7. The Ballad of Beta-2 / Empire Star (Samuel R. Delany) 2/18
8. The Einstein Intersection (Samuel R. Delany) 2/18
9. The Jewels of Aptor (Samuel R. Delany) 2/25
10. The Floating Opera (John Barth) 2/28
11. Stories from the Hugo Winners, Vol. 2 (ed. Asimov) 3/12
12. Albert Einstein, Creator and Rebel (Banesh Hoffman) 3/28
13. Nova (Samuel R. Delany) 4/1
14. Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals (Saul D. Alinsky) 4/5
15. Society of the Spectacle (Guy Debord) 4/5

16. Eric Dolphy: A Musical Biography and Discography (Vladimir Simosko & Barry Tepperman) 4/9
17. The Exotic White Man: An Alien in Asian and African Art (Cottie A. Burland; Werner Forman, photos) NY: McGraw-Hill, 1969. 4/11
18. Earth’s Answer: Explorations of Planetary Culture at the Lindisfarne Conferences (ed. Michael Katz, Marsh, Thompson) 4/16
19. Triton (Samuel R. Delany) 4/17
20. 1985 (Anthony Burgess) 4/18
21. Mathematical Magic Show (Martin Gardner) 4/20
22. The Uncertainty Principle (Dmitri Bilenkin, trans. A. W. Barris, intro. T. Sturgeon) 4/24
23. Closing Time (Norman O. Brown) 4/25
24. Dreaming of Babylon (Richard Brautigan) 4/26
25. Galileo (Bertolt Brecht) 5/1
26. Jung’s Psychology and Its Social Meaning (Ira Progoff) 5/9
27. The Yogurt Book (Connie Berman & Susan Katz) 5/10
28. The Miracle of Haitian Art (Selden Rodman) 5/15
29. A Spy in the House of Love (Anais Nin) 5/30
30. A Short History of Chinese Philosophy (Fung Yu-lan) 6/3

31. William Blake, The Seer and His Visions (Milton Klonsky) 6/21
32. The Art of William Blake (Anthony Blunt) 7/4
33. Your Future in Publishing (Leonard Corwen) 7/4
34. Blake in His Time (ed. Robert N. Essick & Donald Pearce) 7/6
35. The Social Construction of Reality: a Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge (Peter L. Berger & Thomas Luckmann) 7/6
36. The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God (George Bernard Shaw) 7/9
37. James Branch Cabell (Carl Van Doren) 7/10
38. Blake: Prophet Against Empire (David V. Erdman) 7/16
39. The Book of Enoch (trans. R. H. Charles) 8/5
40. Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Cantos III and IV; and, The Vision of Judgment (Lord Byron) (by Patricia M. Ball. Patricia M. Ball) 8/5
41. Literature and Science (Aldous Huxley) 8/6-10
42. Critical Encounters: Writers and Themes in Science Fiction (ed. Dick Riley) 8/20
43. Bertrand Russell Speaks His Mind 9/4
44. The Religion of Isaac Newton (Frank E. Manuel) 9/19
45. Byron as Skeptic and Believer (Edward Marjarum) 9/19

46. Aphrodite (Pierre Louÿs) 9/19
47. Visionary Physics: Blake’s Response to Newton (Donald Ault) 9/26
48. The Words (Jean-Paul Sartre) 10/5
49. The Ubu Plays (Alfred Jarry) 10/10
50. Teilhard de Chardin: A New Synthesis of Evolution (Joseph V. Kopp) 10/15
51. Gather Together in My Name (Maya Angelou) 10/22
52. The Delaney Intersection: Samuel R. Delany Considered as a Writer of Semi-Precious Words (George Edgar Slusser) 10/31
53. Robert A. Heinlein: Stranger in His Own Land (George Edgar Slusser) 2nd ed. Before 11/4
54. How to Be Doing What You’d Like to Be Doing – And Getting Paid for It (Why Not?) (Jim Ballard) 11/5
55. Discourse on the Natural Theology of the Chinese (G. W. Leibniz, trans. & ed. Henry Rosemont Jr. & Daniel J. Cook) 11/10
56. Terms for Order (Kenneth Burke, ed. S. E. Hyman w/ B. Karmiller) 11/16
57. Nadja (André Breton, trans. Richard Howard) 11/25
58. Heinlein in Dimension: a Critical Analysis (Alexei Panshin, intro. James Blish) 11/25
59. Space-Time and Beyond: Toward an Explanation of the Unexplainable (Bon Toben in conversation with J. Sarfatti & F. Wolf) 11/25
60. The Philosophy of Literary Form: Studies in Symbolic Action (Kenneth Burke) 12/5

61. Ubu Roi: An Analytical Study (Judith Cooper) 12/9
62. Mad’s Dave Berg Looks at Modern Thinking 12/8
63. William Butler Yeats (Dennis Donoghue) 12/12
64. A Grammar of Motives (Kenneth Burke) 12/17
65. Dramatism and Development (Kenneth Burke) 12/17
66. Our Own Metaphor (Mary Catherine Bateson) circa 12/24
67. The Pursuit of Loneliness: American Culture at the Breaking Point (Philip E. Slater) 12/28
68. Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning (12/29)
69. An Encounter with Oomoto to “The Great Origin” (Frederick Franck) 12/30


1. Wampeters Foma and Granfalloons (Opinions) (Vonnegut) 1/5
2. The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays (Albert Camus, trans. J. O’Brien) 1/6
3. Fables of Identity: Studies in Poetic Mythology (Northrop Frye) 1/8
4. Northrop Frye: The High Priest of Clerical Obscurantism (Pauline Kogan) 1/11
5. The Dramas of Lord Byron: a Critical Study (Samuel C. Chew, Jr.) 1/20)
6. Value Systems and Social Process (Sir Geoffrey Vickers) 1/21
7. Marxism and Form (Fredric Jameson) 1/23
8. Juan Gris (James Thrall Soby) 1/30
9. Babel-17 (Samuel R. Delay) 2/16
10. Labyrinths: Selected Stories and Other Writings (Jorge Luis Borges, ed. Donald A. Yates & James E. Irby) 2/19
11. Adventures of Ideas (Alfred North Whitehead) 2/21
12. Selected Articles Criticizing Lin Piao and Confucius I 2/22
13. Goals of Linguistic Theory (ed. Stanley Peters) 3/10
14. Language and Responsibility (Noam Chomsky) 3/16
15. Spinoza: New Perspectives (ed. Robert W. Shahan & J. I. Biro) 4/7
16. Psychology Mon Amour — A Countertext (Klaus F. Riegel) 5/4
17. Dialectic: Humanistic Rationale for Behavior and Development (J. F. Rychlak) 5/5
18. How Real Is Real? Confusion, Disinformation, Communication (Paul Watzlawick) 6/3


1. How Real Is Real? Confusion, Disinformation, Communication (Paul Watzlawick) 6/3
2. Wholes and Parts: a General Theory of System Behaviour (Oskar Lange, trans. From Polish Eugeniusz Lepa) end of June
3. Cane (Jean Toomer) 7/6
4. Their Eyes Were Watching God (Zora Neale Hurston) following week
5. God’s Trombones (James Weldon Johnson)
6. Just Above My Head (James Baldwin) 7/19
7. Linguistics and Logic: Conspectus and Prospects (Asa Kasher) 7/21
8. God and Golem, Inc. (Norbert Wiener) 7/22
9. Seraph on the Suwanee (Zora Neale Hurston) 7/24
10. Teaching as a Conserving Activity (Neil Postman) 7/26

11. A Man of the People (Chinua Achebe) 7/26
12. Zora Neale Hurston: a Literary Biography (Robert E. Hemenway) 8/3
13. The Physical and Philosophical Nature of the Foundation of Modern Physics (Ta-you Wu) 8/5
14. Mules and Men (Zora Neale Hurston) 8/7-8
15. Cartesian Linguistics (Noam Chomsky) 8/6-8
16. Symbolism, Its Meaning and Effect (Alfred North Whitehead) 8/10
17. Dust Tracks on a Road (Zora Neale Hurston) 8/12
18: A Question of Physics: Conversations in Physics and Biology (Paul Buckley & F. David Peat)
19. General Systems (1966) (ed. Ludwig von Bertalanffy& Anatol Rappaport) c. 8/25
20. The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics (Gary Zukav) 8/25

21. The Eye of Picasso (Intro: Roland Penrose) mid-Sept.
22. The Miracle of Haitian Art (Selden Rodman) mid-Sept.
23. Looking at Modern Painting 10/2
24. Paul Klee (Denys Chevalier) 10/21
25. On Modern Art (Paul Klee, intro. H. Read) 10/21, 12/4
26. The Diaries of Paul Klee 1898-1918 (ed. Felix Klee) 12/80
27. William Blake and the Tree of Life (Laura DeWitt James) 12/80
28. On Poetic Imagination and Reverie: Selections from the Works of Gaston Bachelard (trans./intro. Colette Gaudin) 12/25/80
29. Moses Man of the Mountatin (Zora Neale Hurston) 12/26


(Original note: Any missing? e.g. relating to library/information science?)

1. The Nature of Knowledge (D. A. Kemp) 1/22
2. Issues in Marxist Philosophy. Volume III. Epistemology, Science, Ideology (ed. John Mepham & David Hillel-Rubin) 2/13
3. Tales of Nevèrÿon (Samuel R. Delany) 2/21
4. Using the Mathematical Literature: A Practical Guide (Barbara Kirsch Shaefer) 4/5
5. A Vision (W. B. Yeats) circa 5/25
6. The Art of Central Africa: Sculpture and Tribal Masks (intro. William Fagg) Mentor-UNESCO Art Books 5/25
7. On Religion (V. I. Lenin) 5/27
8. Stalin, A Political Biography (I. Deutscher) 6/15
9. The Don Juan Papers: Further Castaneda Controversies (ed. Richard deMille) 6/18
10. Trotskyism: Counterrevolution in Disguise (M. J. Olgin) 6/21
11. A Confederacy of Dunces (John Kennedy Toole) 6/28
12. If Beale Street Could Talk (James Baldwin) 6/28
13. Tell My Horse (Zora Neale Hurston) 7/1
14. Rainer Maria Rilke: Selected Poems (trans. C. F. McIntyre) 7/1
15. The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born (Ayi Kwei Armah) 7/8
16. Yeats, Ireland, and Fascism (Elizabeth Cullingford) 7/21
17. The Joy of Sex (Alex Comfort) 9/2
18. The Sacred Canopy: Elements of a Sociological Theory of Religion (Peter L. Berger) 9/3
19. The Secular City (Harvey Cox) 9/7
20. Scientific Quotations: The Harvest of a Quiet Eye (selected Alan L. Mackay, ed. Maurice Ebison) 9/8

21. How to Find Out in Philosophy and Psychology (D. H. Borchardt) 9/29
22. Classification and Indexing in the Humanities (D. W. Langridge) 10/19
23. The Bourgeois Mind and Other Essays (Nicolas Berdyaev) 10/27
24. Philosopher’s Index Thesaurus (comp. By Richard H. Lineback) 11/10
25. A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams) 11/14
26. Duino Elegies (Rainer Maria Rilke, trans. C. F. McIntyre) 11/15
27. The End of Our Time (Nicolas Berdyaev) 11/15
28. Camus (Conor Cruise O’Brien) 12/17

BOOKS: 1982

1. Information Storage and Retrieval Systems for Individual Researchers (Gerald Jahoda) 2/7
2. Negations: Essays in Critical Theory (Herbert Marcuse) 2/11
3. Indexing and Abstracting: An International Bibliography (Hans H. Wellisch) 3/1
4. The Bibliography of Philosophy: A Descriptive Account (Charles L. Higgins) 3/13
5. The Universe of Knowledge (ed. Derek Langridge) 3/13
6. A History of the Bibliography of Philosophy (Michael Jasenas) 3/14
7. The Fall of the Towers [trilogy] (Samuel R. Delany) 3/30
8. Prince William B.: The Philosophical Conceptions of William Blake (Norman Nathan) 3/30
9. Dhalgren (Samuel R. Delany) 4/11
10. Ludwig Wittgenstein: His Place in the Development of Semantics (Tullio DeMauro) 4/13
11. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (William Blake, intro Clark Emery) 5/19
12. Blake: A Collection of Critical Essays (ed. Northrop Frye) 5/27
13. Electronic Nightmare: The New Communications and Freedom (John Wicklein) 6/1
14. Logic and the Philosophy of Science (intro Robert Blanché) 6/6
15. Information Retrieval Experiment (ed. Karen Sparck Jones) 6/8
16. Scientific Change (Ed. A. C. Crombie) 6/18
17. Linguistics and Information Science (Karen Sparck Jones & Martin Kay) 6/19
18. Guide to Marxist Philosophy: An Introductory Bibliography (ed. Joseph M. Bochenski) 6/20
19. Marxist Philosophy: A Bibliographical Guide (John Lachs) 6/21
20. Visionary Physics: Blake’s Response to Newton (Donald Ault) 6/29

21. The New Apocalypse: The Radical Christian Vision of William Blake (Thomas J. J. Altizer) 7/27
22. The ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ of William Blake (G. R. Sabri-Tabrizi) 8/8
23. William Blake: His Life and Work (Jack Lindsay) 8/13
24. The Class Character of the USSR (Sam Marcy) 8/5
25. Counter-Revolution in Czechoslovakia 8/6
26. The Fabric of Knowledge: A Study of the Relations Between Ideas (J. L. Jolley) 11/28
27. Petty-Bourgeois Revolutionism: Anarchism, Trotskyism, and Maoism (Boris Leibson) 12/8
28. A study of general categories applicable to classification and coding in documentation (Eric de Grolier) 12/13
29. Faceted Classification Schemes (B. C. Vickery) 12/15


1. Driftglass (Samuel R. Delany) 1/5
2. Prometheus, with a translation of Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound (E. A. Havelock) 1/15
3. Twentieth Century Interpretations of Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Morton D. Paley) 2/2
4. Tower of Babel: on the Definition and Analysis of concepts in the Social Sciences (Giovanni Sartori; Fred W. Riggs; Henry Teune) 2/3
5. Ontological Structures and Universal Classification (Ingetraut Dahlberg) 2/21
6. Faceted Classification: a Guide to Construction and Use of Special Schemes (B. C. Vickery) 3/4
7. The Quintessence of Ibsenism (Bernard Shaw) 1st week of March
8. Hedda Gabler (Ibsen) 3/13
9. The Jewel-Hinged Jaw (Samuel R. Delany) 3/19
10. Distant Stars (Samuel R. Delany) 3/19
11. _____________
12. The Philosophy of Language (Jerrold J. Katz) 4/15
13. Interconcept Reports: a New Paradigm for Solving the Terminology Problems of the Social Sciences (Fred W. Riggs) 5/5
14. Sorts, Ontology, and Metaphor: The Semantics of Sortal Structure (Shalom Lappin) 5/9
15. The Great Contest: Russia and the West (Isaac Deutscher) 5/10
16. Linguistic Theory in America (Frederick J. Newmeyer) 5/14
17. You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down (Alice Walker) 5/26
18. Communications Content: Analysis of the Research 1900-1958 [a content analysis of content analysis] (Francis Earle Barcus) 5/27
19. Dialectics and Revolution, Vol. 1 (David H. Degrood) 5/29
20. Contemporary East European Philosophy (Edward D’Angelo et al, eds.) 6/3

21. Personalized Data Base Systems (Benjamin Mittman & Lorraine Borman) 6/17
22. A Guide to Computer Applications in the Humanities (Susan Hockey) 6/19
23. A Blakean Translation of Joyce’s Circe (Frances M. Boldereff) 6/25
24. Presentation Piece (Marilyn Hacker) 6/30
25. The Crystal Cabinet: an Invitation to Poetry. (edited by Horace Gregory and Marya Zaturenska, illus. by Rosalie Petrash) 7/1
26. Esperanta Antologio: Poemoj 1887-1957 (red. William Auld) 8/5
27. The Subject Bibliography of the Social Sciences and Humanities (Barbara M. Hale) 8/13
28. … Kun Siaspeca Spico! (Raymond Schwartz) 8/15
29. The Philosopher’s Guide to Sources, Research Tools, Professional Life, and Related Fields (Richard T. DeGeorge) 8/23
30. Manlibro pri Esperanto en Bibliotekoj (Marinko Ĝivoje) 8/28

31. Vole … Novele (Raymond Schwartz) 9/3
32. Philosophy at the Barricades (ed. By David H. DeGrood, Dale Riepe, Edward D’Angelo) 9/4
33. Catalog of the George Alan Connor Esperanto Collection (comp. Karin Smith, Susan Haake) 9/4
34. The Wasps (Aristophanes, trans. Douglass Parker) 9/7
35. The Clouds (Aristophanes; trans. William Arrowsmith) 9/11
36. After the Fall (Arthur Miller) 11/5
37. Dialectical Materialism (Henri Lefebvre) 11/20
38. Computer Methods for Literary Research (Robert L. Oakman) 11/28
39. The Relations of Literature and Science: A Selected Bibliography 1930-1967 (ed. Fred A. Dudley) 11/30
40. Milton (William Blake, ed. & commentary by Kay Parkhurst Easson and Roger R. Easson) 12/2
41. Subject Bibliography of Soviet Semiotics: the Moscow-Tartu School (Karl Eimermacher & Serge Shishkoff) 12/2
42. The Physicists (Friedrich Dürrenmatt) 12/17
43. Cain (Rogier van Aerde) 12/18


1. Kepler (John Banville) 1/25
2. The Social Relations of Physics, Mysticism, and Mathematics (Sal Restivo) 2/14
3. Magritte, the true Art of Painting (Harry Torczyner, with the collaboration of Bella Bessard; translated by Richard Miller) 2/25
4. Drawings of William Blake: 92 Pencil Studies (Geoffrey Keynes) 2/26
5. Notes on Dialectics: Hegel, Marx, Lenin (C.L.R. James) 2/28
6. Dialectics of the Concrete (Karel Kosik) 3/17
7. World Soul (Mikhail Emtsev & Eremei Parnov; trans. Antonina W. Bouis; intro. Theodore Sturgeon) 4/13
8. Cain and Other Poems (walter Kaufman) 4/??
9. Using Bibliography: a Guide to Theory and Practice (Rhea Joyce Rubin) 4/30
10. Dialogue within the Dialectic (Norman Levine) 5/8
11. Writing with a Word Processor (William Zinsser) 6/20
12. African Philosophy: Myth and Reality (Paulin J. Hountondji) 6/26
13. The Conquest of Will: Information Processing in Human Affairs (Abbe Mowshowitz) 7/6
14. Nausea (Jean-Paul Sartre) 7/8
15. Consciencism (Kwame Nkrumah) 7/10

16. The Rise of the Computer State (David Burnham; foreword by Walter Cronkite) 7/13
17. The Computer Revolution in Philosophy (Aaron Sloman) 7/23
18. Triton (Samuel R. Delany) 7/27
19. Nova (Samuel R. Delany) 7/30
20. African Science: Myth or Reality? (Nwankwo Ezeabasili) 8/?
21. The Steel Crocodile (D. G. Compton) 8/9
22. The Case History of Comrade V. (James Park Sloan) 8/18
23. Informado kaj Dokumentado pri Kemio (S. Kawamura) 8/25
24. The Ballad of Beta-2 (Samuel R. Delany) 8/26
25. The Einstein Intersection (Samuel R. Delany) 8/26
26. Progress in Philosophy (Todd C. Moody) 8/27
27. Bibliography of Quantitative Studies on Science and Its History (Roger Hahn) 8/31
28. Babel-17 (Samuel R. Delany) 9/2
29. Electronic Illusions: a Skeptic's View of our High-Tech Future (Ian Reinecke) 9/3
30. Esploroj (Baldur Ragnarsson) 10/10
31. Aniaro (Harry Martinson) 11/5

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