I’ll get started when I can configure this blog properly, including pretty permalinks and sidebar.  I have been unable to get pretty permalinks to work and do not know what workaround if any to use.  The lack of cooperation from Earthlink and others in this matter is very irritating.

For this blog, I’m using “almost pretty” permalinks, which is not too bad a solution since I’m restarting this blog from scratch.  But for my other blog, which I want to import intact into Word Press format, I’d still like to enable the use of pretty permalinks.

I did not like any of the themes I saw,  neither the default themes provided by Wordpress nor other libraries of themes. 

 I swtiched to the clasikue theme, which I attempted to configure, with some difficulties.  I learned how to add the tagline (description), but not how to add a style for it. I adde some links to the blogroll section, but the  font size needed to be smaller. 

Actually, I don’t really like this theme, and I wish I could find a Blogger-type theme and then adapt it for my own use.

Add mailto link somewhere for Dumain + link to Autodidact Project Home Page.

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  1. To activate totally pretty permalinks is getting to be a nightmare. So at the moment I’m trying almost pretty permalinks.

  2. Note: these links are non-functional:

    R. Keith Sawyer Emergence page

    (Dict. of Phil. of Mind)

    Physicalism, non-reductive
    (Dict. of Phil. of Mind)

    This Dictionary seems to have moved. I found two links on another site plus two others, and have retooled my offsite links lint accordingly.

    It’s difficult to figure out where the relevant page might be found on Keith Sawyer’s site:


    There is much material by Sawyer on the web.

    I found a new site on emergence, which focuses on complexity in the newer use of the term, which evades the original purport of the concept.

    So, minus Sawyer, my link list is updated & expanded.

  3. UrbanGiraffe provides some excellent blog tools for WordPress. I have switched to the Giraffe2 theme:


    Not only is it beautifully composed, but it is configurable to the blog designer’s specifications, and with other plug-ins, one can go a long way without knowing the nuts and bolts of the code needed to configure blogs. This is a life-saver. I should have this blog fully operational in short order.

    Thanks to WordPress Support for pointing me to Urban Giraffe.

    PS: There’s some other serendipity here too. The Giraffe is one of my symbols and it’s terrific to see the Giraffe logo on this theme, which coincidentally fits beautifully with the emergence theme.

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