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Marcuse vs operationalism, empiricism, & linguistic philosophy

I’ve just re-read chapter 7 of Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man, which pinpoints his objections to the prevailing Anglo-American philosophy of the day, i.e. the philosophy of language dominant in analytical philosophy, and the treatment of concepts generally in philosophy and the social sciences. He has a particular objection to the empiricist reduction of thought to operationalism […]

Paul Valéry, Jacques Bouveresse, Theodor Adorno

Jacques Bouveresse is a French philosopher who is invested in analytical philosophy, with a particular interest in Wittgenstein, and is out of step with the fashionable philosophy issuing from France since the 1960s. A fraction of his work has been translated into English. This article was of particular interest to me: Bouveresse, Jacques; Fournier, Christian […]

June 2007 reading review (2): Vonnegut, Marxism, positivism

More Vonnegut When I picked up Kurt Vonnegut’s Timequake (New York: G.P. Putnam’s, 1997) off my table for the first time, I thought this might be a throwaway book. I was wrong; it was hilarious, and there’s much in there. It is a combination memoir and science fiction tale. A whole decade has to be […]

February-April 2007 reading review

I have long delayed summarizing the books I read in all or part from February through April 2007, partly in hope of writing extensive reviews of some of them. For now, I will just list the books and some other materials, and I can always return and delve into more detail at a future date. […]

Wittgenstein’s philosophy as politics

Robert Vienneau’s blog Thoughts on Economics has an entry Wittgenstein and Marxism on my Wittgenstein, Marxism, Sociology: An Annotated Bibliography. More importantly, Vienneau provides his own bibliography Wittgenstein and Soviet Communism, mostly in connection with Piero Sraffa and referencing articles from New Left Review. There is also this noteworthy article: Robinson, Christopher C. (2006). “Why […]

Wittgenstein dramatized

Eagleton, Terry; Jarman, Derek; Butler, Ken. Wittgenstein: The Terry Eagleton Script, the Derek Jarman Film. London: BFI Publishing, 1993. The actual video is as a practical matter inaccessible, but it is listed for sale: Wittgenstein (1993). Wittgenstein is a figure of fascination and admiration for many, but the more I learn about him, the more […]