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I just discovered that paremiology is the study of proverbs. Without naming this as a field of study myself, in one way or another I’ve occupied myself with this genre. Perhaps my first contact with what others had to say about it was through Esperanto. Zamenhof, who created the language, authored a book, Proverbaro, which […]

Reactionary Chinese & other wisdom in comparative perspective

Wisdom and Chinese Philosophy Journal of Chinese Philosophy, vol. 33, no 3., September 2006 Discounting the book reviews unrelated to the issue theme, here are the contents: What Is Wisdom? (Chung-Ying Cheng) Wisdom in Comparative Perspectives (Xinzhong Yao) Philosophy of the Yijing: Insights into Taiji and Dao as Wisdom of Life (Chung-Ying Cheng) Yi: Practical […]