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Paraconsistency in the provinces

I am learning a lot thanks to the Poznan School, its latest topic being provincialism in the ‘sciences’ (interpreted broadly), stemming from concern about the provincial status of Poland. Here is a passage on the historical origins of paraconsistent logic: A truly prototypical example of the inextricable connections between political factors and factors intrinsic to […]

Witold Gombrowicz confronts (Polish) provincialism

Witold Gombrowicz (August 4, 1904 – July 24, 1969) is a name that must have popped up before me at one time or another, but I knew nothing about him.  My interest was recently piqued in a volume of one of my favorite philosophy series: Thinking about Provincialism in Thinking, Krzysztof Brzechczyn, Katarzyna Paprzycka (eds). […]