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Paraconsistency in the provinces

I am learning a lot thanks to the Poznan School, its latest topic being provincialism in the ‘sciences’ (interpreted broadly), stemming from concern about the provincial status of Poland. Here is a passage on the historical origins of paraconsistent logic: A truly prototypical example of the inextricable connections between political factors and factors intrinsic to […]

Dascal on controversies

Dascal, Marcelo. Types of polemics and types of polemical moves. In S. Cmejrkova, J. Hoffmannova, O. Mullerova, and J. Svetla, Dialogue Analysis VI (= Proceedings of the 6th Conference, Prague 1996), vol. 1. Tubingen: Max Niemeyer, 15-33, 1998 [Reprinted in H.S. Gill and G. Manetti (eds.), Signs and Signification, vol. II, New Delhi: Bahri Publication, […]