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Black mystic in hyperspace

As a teenager I learned that the mathematics and philosophical exploitation of four-dimensional geometry (hyperspace) became a fad in the late 19th century. Following the development of the mathematics of the fourth dimension, the popularization of the concept manifested itself in literature, most notably in the works of Charles Howard Hinton and Edwin Abbott Abbott […]

Witold Gombrowicz: Philosophy in 6 1/4 hours (1)

Witold Gombrowicz, A Guide to Philosophy in Six Hours and Fifteen Minutes; translated by Benjamin Ivry. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004. 109, [1] pp. Lessons/Sections: [1] First Lesson: Kant 1724-1804 [+ Descartes] (27 April 1969) [2] Second Lesson: Kant: The Categories (28 April 1969) [3] Third Lesson: Kant (30 April 1969) [4] Fourth Lesson: […]

Existential America (3): reactionary Kierkegaard: references

These are references of interest from George Cotkin’s Existential America pointing to critiques of Kierkegaard and his reactionary appropriation in the United States. See also my bibliography on Case Studies of Metaphysical Pessimism. Samuel Greenberg, “Auden, Poet of Anxiety,” Masses and Mainstream, June 1948 Norbert Guterman, “Neither-Nor”, Partisan Review 10 (March-April 1943), pp. 134-142. V. […]

Adorno on Teutonic “depth”

“The appearance of depth is frequently the product of a complicity with suffering. A monstrous German tradition associates profound thoughts with the theodicy of evil and death. A theological terminus ad quem is tacitly assumed, as if what determined the dignity of an idea were its result, the confirmation of transcendence, or its immersion in […]

June 2007 reading review (2): Vonnegut, Marxism, positivism

More Vonnegut When I picked up Kurt Vonnegut’s Timequake (New York: G.P. Putnam’s, 1997) off my table for the first time, I thought this might be a throwaway book. I was wrong; it was hilarious, and there’s much in there. It is a combination memoir and science fiction tale. A whole decade has to be […]

John Horgan’s ‘Rational Mysticism’

Attempting to be more than Man We become less . . .” –William Blake, The Four Zoas, Night the Ninth In re: Horgan, John. Rational Mysticism: Dispatches from the Border Between Science and Spirituality. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2003. Table of contents Publisher description Introduction See also: Debunking Enlightenment, book review by Thomas W. Clark, Free […]

Arthur Danto on Mysticism and Morality

Danto, Arthur C. Mysticism and Morality: Oriental Thought and Moral Philosophy. New York: Columbia University Press, 1987. Orig. 1972. 1. Factual Beliefs and Moral Rules 2. Karma and Caste 3. Brahma, Boredom, and Release 4. Therapy and Theology in Buddhist Thought 5. The Discipline of Action in the Bhagavad Gita 6. Conforming to the Way […]