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The Archive of Lost Dreams

The amazing underwater National Marine Park of Yucatan is the subject of . . . What Lies Beneath… . . . Jan. 24 post in Linda Hedrick’s marvelous blog Cerebral Boinkfest. Naturally, I couldn’t resist singling out an artwork about archivists. As Linda describes it: El Coleccionista de los Sueños Perdidos (The Archive of Lost […]

Farewell to Margaret Burroughs, Co-founder of DuSable Museum

This obituary appeared this year: Margaret Burroughs: Co-founder of DuSable Museum, prominent artist By Kristen Schorsch, Chicago Tribune “She started Chicago’s renowned African American history museum in her living room nearly 50 years ago” Commemorating another milestone in black achievement and saying farewell to one of the greats . . .