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Existential America (7): Highway 61 revisited

When I first read George Cotkin’s Existential America several years ago, I came across this review: T. H. Adamowski, “Out on Highway 61: Existentialism in America,” University of Toronto Quarterly, Volume 74, Number 4, Fall 2005, pp. 913-933. From this link you can download a PDF of the full text. The reviewer is obviously highly […]

Bruce Kuklick’s history of American philosophy (5)

Kuklick, Bruce. A History of Philosophy in America 1720-2000. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2001. 346 pp. $19.95 (pbk), ISBN 0199260168. Part III: Professional Philosophy, 1912-2000 11. Professional Realism 12. Europe’s Impact on the United States 13. Harvard and Oxford 14. The Tribulations of Professional Philosophy Conclusion Methods, Sources, Notes Acknowledgements Index Finally, we get to something […]

Marcuse, one-dimensionality, & the fate of utopia

Note these two articles on Marcuse’s development: Discovered manuscript shows Marcuse’s evolution by Laura Gardner, Brandeis Now, Oct. 9, 2013 Newly Discovered Draft of Marcuse Book Reveals Turn Toward Pessimism by Marc Parry, The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 30, 2013 Note also the upcoming conference at Brandeis University, 1-2 October 2014: The Many Dimensions […]

Noam Chomsky vs Alex Jones: A defining moment

Last month I was alerted to this account of a radio interview of Noam Chomsky by paranoid conspiracist Alex Jones: Noam Chomsky Compliments Alex Jones, Jones Freaks Out on Chomsky, posted September 12th, 2013. I don’t see when the original interview was done, but here it is: You can get a fair summary from the […]

Stephen Eric Bronner (2): Rosa Luxemburg’s Legacy

In July 2007 I read the following interventions in a debate published in the journal New Politics (new series). First, Bronner: “The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg,” Vol. VIII, No. 3 (New Series), Summer 2001, Whole No. 31, pp. 162-167. “A Reply to David Camfield and Alan Johnson,” Vol. VIII, No. 4 (New Series), Winter 2002, […]

Stephen Eric Bronner: Critical Theory, Enlightenment, radical politics (1)

Stephen Eric Bronner is not content to regurgitate the critical theory of its European originators of an earlier era, and he is not averse to criticizing their lapses. None of his books are to be missed, but for critical theory I suggest Of Critical Theory and Theorists above all. In October 2006 I read the […]

Rorty’s ideology: Achieving Our Country

[Deepening Democracy in Global Contexts, Chapter One] Achieving Our Country, Achieving Our World: Baldwin, Rorty, and Social Hope Judith M. Green, Fordham University If anything shows up the ideological nature and ultimate uselessness of pragmatism, this review does, first, by exposing the selective attention, nostalgia, myth-making and wish-fulfillment upon which Rorty’s social vision rests, and […]