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Time travel lore (3): ‘scientific’ search for time travelers

In our time it has become difficult to distinguish genuine news items from spoofs and satire. Real news items are sometimes indistinguishable from what one would find in The Onion. Is the same thing happening in the realm of science? “Search of the Internet Reveals No Evidence of Time Travelers” by Erin McCarthy, Mental Floss. […]

Time travel lore (2)

One interesting aspect of the notion of time travel is how it migrates out of the realm of science fiction into other areas of culture. Here is an example: “11 Time Traveler Urban Legends That Pretty Much Debunk Themselves” by Bill DeMain, courtesy of Mental Floss magazine, August 12, 2012. Hoaxes, gullibility, and superstition aren’t […]

Patalogic in the Garden of Sidamo

Patalogic in the Garden of Sidamo By Ralph Dumain And the desart wild Become a garden mild. —William Blake, ‘The Little Girl Lost’, Songs of Experience Drinking coffee in a garden, sitting under a bright red sun umbrella affixed to a table, reading René Daumal’s Pataphysical Essays. This little paperback, published just last year, is […]

Time travel lore

This humorous exchange of notes in a coffee shop recently came to my attention: A man opened the drawer in his cafe table. Inside, he found proof that time travel is real. (Happy Place, 6/30/13) Happy Place has more eccentric time travel posts.  Here’s one I couldn’t have made up: Oddly sexist Craigslist ad seeks […]