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Sidney Finkelstein vs Marshall McLuhan

Out of the mothballs: Sense and Nonsense of McLuhan by Sidney Finkelstein: Contents Chapter 4: “The Medium and the Deceptive Message” (extract) Chapter 6: “Hot, Cool and the Brainless Involvement” (extracts) Chapter 7: McLuhan’s Totalitarianism and Human Resilience This is ancient history, and quaint from the vantage point of today’s high tech media saturated environment. But the […]

Bruce Kuklick’s history of American philosophy (8)

Kuklick, Bruce. A History of Philosophy in America 1720-2000. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2001. 346 pp. $19.95 (pbk), ISBN 0199260168. Part III: Professional Philosophy, 1912-2000 …………………… 14. The Tribulations of Professional Philosophy, 1962-1999 Continuing, rather returning to the beginning of Chapter 14: Philosophy benefited from the huge expansion of higher education following World War II. Geographical mobility […]

Aant Elzinga & the Humanities

I encountered Aant Elzinga in 1986 at a joint meeting of four scholarly societies concerned with the philosophy, history, and sociology of science and technology. I contacted him many years later and with his permission digitized some of his marvelous essays: The Man of Science in a World of Crisis: A Plea for a Two-Pronged […]