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Habermas & Sartre on silence

“In this situation, silence would be a false response: the person who is addressed and remains silent, clothes himself in an aura of indeterminate significances and imposes silence. For this, Heidegger is one example . . . . Because of this authoritarian character Sartre rightly called silence ‘reactionary’.” SOURCE: Habermas, Jurgen. “Transcendence from Within, Transcendence […]

Dascal on disputation & the analytical-continental divide

Dascal, Marcello. How rational can a polemic across the analytic-continental ‘divide’ be?, International Journal of Philosophical Studies 9(3): 313-339, 2001. In order to specify controversy’s position within the large family of polemical dialogues, I propose to distinguish between three members of the subfamily to which controversies belong. I will call them ‘discussion’, ‘dispute’, and ‘controversy’. […]

March – mid-June 2008 reading review (1): books

I have not published a reading review since June 2007. Instead of beginning with July, I’ll work my way backward. At the moment there is too much non-book material to document readily, so this is an effort at compiling a list of books I’ve read part or all of since the beginning of March. I […]