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Time travel lore (5): ‘Victory Over the Sun’

Victory Over the Sun (1913) is a notorious specimen of Russian Futurism, a multimedia avant-garde opera that makes practically no sense. Wikipedia provides the basic information: “The libretto written in zaum language was contributed by Aleksei Kruchonykh, the music was written by Mikhail Matyushin, the prologue was added by Velimir Khlebnikov, and the stage designer […]

Time travel lore (3): ‘scientific’ search for time travelers

In our time it has become difficult to distinguish genuine news items from spoofs and satire. Real news items are sometimes indistinguishable from what one would find in The Onion. Is the same thing happening in the realm of science? “Search of the Internet Reveals No Evidence of Time Travelers” by Erin McCarthy, Mental Floss. […]

H. G. Wells Revisited (2): Wells & Borges

In my previous post I quoted from Borges’ essay “The First Wells” (1946), published in Other Inquisitions (1937-1952) and anthologized subsequently. Borges wrote multiple essays about Wells. This one was not anthologized in Selected Non-fictions (Eliot Weinberger et al), but it does appear in Borges, A Reader: A Selection from the Writings of Jorge Luis […]

Time travel lore

This humorous exchange of notes in a coffee shop recently came to my attention: A man opened the drawer in his cafe table. Inside, he found proof that time travel is real. (Happy Place, 6/30/13) Happy Place has more eccentric time travel posts.  Here’s one I couldn’t have made up: Oddly sexist Craigslist ad seeks […]

H. G. Wells Revisited (1)

The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Plattner Story, The First Men in the Moon. They are the first books I read; perhaps they will be the last. I think they will be incorporated, like the fables of Theseus or Ahaseurus, into the general memory of the species and even transcend the fame […]