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H. G. Wells Revisited (1)

The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Plattner Story, The First Men in the Moon. They are the first books I read; perhaps they will be the last. I think they will be incorporated, like the fables of Theseus or Ahaseurus, into the general memory of the species and even transcend the fame […]

May 2007 reading review: Esperanto, atheism, Baldwin, Vonnegut

Mid-April through the first week of May proved to be a fertile Esperanto period. I translated Blake’s "The Birds" into Esperanto and put several other author’s pieces on my web site. I revisited one of my favorite Esperanto short-story volumes, Vitralo, by John I. Francis, and put "La Klera Despoto" [The Cultured Despot] online. I […]


I just discovered that paremiology is the study of proverbs. Without naming this as a field of study myself, in one way or another I’ve occupied myself with this genre. Perhaps my first contact with what others had to say about it was through Esperanto. Zamenhof, who created the language, authored a book, Proverbaro, which […]