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Sidney Finkelstein vs Marshall McLuhan

Out of the mothballs: Sense and Nonsense of McLuhan by Sidney Finkelstein: Contents Chapter 4: “The Medium and the Deceptive Message” (extract) Chapter 6: “Hot, Cool and the Brainless Involvement” (extracts) Chapter 7: McLuhan’s Totalitarianism and Human Resilience This is ancient history, and quaint from the vantage point of today’s high tech media saturated environment. But the […]

John Coltrane on the edge of the culture industry

Written June 4, 2011 at 9:00 am Thinking about how Coltrane is poised on the very edge of acceptability & could fall on either side of it. Pre-1965 Coltrane, of course, since his last phase is too threatening to the mainstream to be assimilable. Wynton Marsalis could not deny Coltrane as he denies everything following […]

Wired’s Patent-Pending Big-Idea Book Generator

This is the big idea for our time! Honan, Mathew. “Concoct a Best-Seller With Wired‘s Patent-Pending Big-Idea Book Generator,” Wired Magazine, Issue 15.10, 09.25.07. I discovered this brilliant article in January. It’s more than an article; it both characterizes the “idea” sector of the culture industry and enhances its productivity. I envy the author’s ability […]