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Existential America (7): Highway 61 revisited

When I first read George Cotkin’s Existential America several years ago, I came across this review: T. H. Adamowski, “Out on Highway 61: Existentialism in America,” University of Toronto Quarterly, Volume 74, Number 4, Fall 2005, pp. 913-933. From this link you can download a PDF of the full text. The reviewer is obviously highly […]

Marcuse, one-dimensionality, & the fate of utopia

Note these two articles on Marcuse’s development: Discovered manuscript shows Marcuse’s evolution by Laura Gardner, Brandeis Now, Oct. 9, 2013 Newly Discovered Draft of Marcuse Book Reveals Turn Toward Pessimism by Marc Parry, The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 30, 2013 Note also the upcoming conference at Brandeis University, 1-2 October 2014: The Many Dimensions […]

Existential America revisited

Cotkin, George. Existential America. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003. Contents: Acknowledgements Chapter One Introduction 1741-1949: American Existentialists before the Fact Chapter Two The “Drizzly November” of the American Soul 1928-1955: Kierkegaardian Moments Chapter Three Kierkegaard Comes to America Chapter Four A Kierkegaardian Age of Anxiety 1944-1960: The Era of French Existentialism Chapter Five The […]

Tribute to Ritchie Havens

SPIRIT-WORK ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE I return sun-burned from a long afternoon out on Pennsylvania Avenue between the National Archives and Freedom Plaza, digging WorldFest. I arrived at Pennsylvania and 9th NW after 2 pm, after Ritchie Havens had already begun his performance, and then I got the spirit. Ritchie was balding and somewhat gray, but […]